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Kazakhstan Closes Banking and the Online Due to Upheaval Threatening Cryptocurrency Mining and Analyzing

Governments' efforts to quiet major demonstrations in Kazakhstan's miner's hotspots were having an impact on cryptocurrency markets and the Bitcoin network hash rate. Their authorities censored the online and shuttered local banks to quell social unrest brought on by rising gasoline costs and a deteriorating economy. Fears are growing that the unrest may prompt the mass exodus of miners since some have already left the nation, which is really experiencing rolling blackouts.

Kosovo has outlawed cryptocurrency mining in order to preserve energy.

Several youngsters in Kosovo have become interested in crypto mining as a result of low power price volatility.

China Drafts a List of ‘Negative’ Industries to Ban Investments, Including Cryptocurrency Mining

According to a document issued by the state planner on Friday, China has added cryptocurrency mining to a draught list of businesses in which investment is limited or forbidden, although reducing the number of sectors on the list overall.
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