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Fractionalised NFTs decoded:

Following the meteoric rise in popularity of...

DeFi Land Raises $4.1M To Launch DeFi Game On Solana

DeFi Land, the Blockchain gaming platform has received $4.1 million in investment to launch a new decentralized finance game in Solana.

Ruler And Cover Close Down Amid Mass Developer Exit!

In a heartfelt open letter, “DeFi Ted”, the lead contributor of Cover and Ruler Protocol, announced that virtual protocol will be disabled shortly

US SEC Investigating Decentralized Exchange Uniswap

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the startup Uniswap which is the world’s largest decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Lobby Lobsters NFT drop raises $4M in one hour!

Non-fungible tokens featuring a cartoon lobster in a suit have raised over $4 million to support lobbying efforts in support of the DeFi.
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