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Because of such a sequencer outage, the Arbitrum Network has ceased.

The Arbitrum network, an Ethereum L2 (Layer 2) rollup, came into certain problems that plagued the generation of transactions and transaction confirmation to come to a halt. And per the Arbitrum group, the event was caused by downtime with its sequencer, a unique node that maintains transaction order, which rendered the system inaccessible for around 7 minutes. 7 Hour of Arbitrum Booths

A major weakness in the Polygon Network has been fixed, and native MATIC currencies worth $24 billion have been saved.

Polygon, an Ethereum-based platform, has "quietly solved" a vulnerability that threatened its native MATIC tokens, which are valued at $24 billion (approximately Rs. 1,78,560). The problem was discovered after one team of cybersecurity professionals alerted Immunefi, a decentralized financial bug bounty site (DeFi). The Polygon network's bug bounty is hosted by Immune. Notwithstanding swift attempts to remedy the situation, a well-known hacker was able to retrieve 801,601 MATIC tokens worth $2.4 million (roughly Rs. 17.8 crores).

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