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A verified Facebook page impersonating Elon Musk appears, attracting 70,000 followers before being removed.

A certified Facebook profile with 70,000 followers impersonating Elon Musk has been removed from the social networking site. It was the second instance in less than a month, following the appearance of a fake Facebook page impersonating the Tesla CEO. The recently found fan page seems to have been set up by cryptocurrency fraudsters, as one of its latest postings asked visitors to contact the owner via direct messaging for unidentified virtual money.

Meta (Formerly Facebook) Relaxes Cryptocurrency Ad Policies to Allow More Advertisers to Participate

The rules and restrictions for running crypto ads on Facebook have been amended by Meta, previously Facebook, giving businesses and financial institutions greater leeway in marketing their digital asset goods. Because the "cryptocurrency market has continued to mature and stabilise in recent years, and has seen more government legislation that are defining clearer norms for their business," the social media behemoth said it was expanding.

Facebook and Coinbase have teamed up to test the Novi digital wallet in the US.

Facebook has teamed up with Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange located in the United States, on a new project called Novi, which aims to create a digital wallet that allows individuals to move money abroad without incurring additional costs. Novi has been in the works for a long time and will be launching trial programs in the United States and Guatemala. Anyone in the United States will be allowed to participate, with the exception of residents of Alaska, Nevada, New York, and the US Virgin Islands.

Facebook Is ‘Definitely Looking’ At NFTs!

Now that Facebook is finalizing its own cryptocurrency wallet Novi, the social media giant may soon be supporting non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

Facebook Wants A ‘Fair Shot’ At Crypto Payments

Facebook’s crypto pioneer shared his views on economic inequality, regulatory issues, and stablecoin solution suggested by Novi.
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