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PM Modi has a meeting on cryptocurrency, with concerns about money laundering and terrorism financing being raised.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a meeting on the way forward on the issue on Saturday, amid concerns about misleading claims of huge returns on cryptocurrency investments, with government sources asserting that such unregulated markets cannot be allowed to become avenues for "money laundering and terror financing."

NFTs Being Used For Money Laundering, Says Mr. Whale

Mr. Whale recently drew people’s attention to the dark side of the growing NFT space saying they promote money laundering and tax evasion.

Four people detained by Hongkong Customs

Hong Kong customs authorities announced Thursday (July 15) that they had disrupted a financial fraud network that utilized cryptocurrencies to handle US$155 million in illicit cash, claiming it was the first of its type.

Scam worth $408 million seized by UK police.

Following organized criminal groups' shift into cryptocurrencies to wash their filthy money, Uk police have confiscated unprecedented amounts of cryptocurrency totaling 294 million pounds ($408 million) as part of a money-laundering operation
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