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Niantic has teamed up with Fold to launch a “Real World Metaverse” based on Bitcoin.

Niantic, the company behind the popular augmented reality (AR) game Pokemon Go, has partnered with payments platform Fold to build an AR experience in which players can earn Bitcoin in a virtual realm dubbed the "real world metaverse" by the business. Fold App users may earn Bitcoin and in-app perks by exploring their actual surroundings, and the functionality is presently available in beta for Fold App users. Niantic is striving to enhance this experience, bolstered by Coatue's $300 million (approximately Rs. 2,234.7 crores) investment.

NFT Move-to-Earn Game In a seed funding round, Genopets raises millions of dollars.

Genopets, an NFT game, has secured $8.3 million in a seed investment round (approximately Rs. 62 crores). The app, similar to Pokemon Go, was released earlier this year and pays users for the steps they take in their daily lives. Throughout the game, users collect game character NFTs and interact with them in a virtual environment. More NFTs are provided to players as the game continues, and they can be retained or exchanged.
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