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Everything about tether you need to know

This article will talk about the most popular Stablecoin in the World, Tether

Tether Holds Steady Despite Crypto Market Dips, Bitcoin and Ether Reach Lowest Values in Weeks.

Bitcoin (BTC) prices have continued to fall in what appears to be one of the worst dips since China banned all crypto trading and mining in September. Bitcoin is presently selling for $65,885 (approximately Rs. 49 lakh) on the Indian market CoinSwitch Kuber, while it is priced at $59,321 on global exchanges like CoinMarketCap and Binance (roughly Rs. 44.2 lakh). Bitcoin fell more than 5.42 percent on Tuesday, sliding below $60,000 (approximately Rs. 44.7 lakh) for the first price since October.

As the green color dominates the crypto charts, Bitcoin and Ether open with gains; Dogecoin and Tether set new lows.

Over a week after hitting an all-time high of $67,000 (approximately Rs. 50 lakh), the world's most valuable cryptocurrency has remained over $60,000. (roughly Rs. 45 lakh). Bitcoin began trading at $64,960 on Tuesday, October 26th, with a small rise of 0.59 percent (roughly Rs. 48.7 lakh). The New York Stock Exchange issued the first Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) on October 19, following which Bitcoin prices have risen. Several speculators are promoting cryptocurrency as a modern-day gold substitute.

Experts Opine Stablecoins Loss To Altcoins!

Experts say that stablecoins may be losing their grip over investors to altcoins.
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