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Dogecoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the United States, with the others trailing far behind.

According to statistics, Dogecoin is the most Googled cryptocurrency in the United States. According to Google Trends data, Dogecoin has the most states interested in investing in cryptocurrency, with a total of 23, including Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and New Jersey. The growth in popularity can be traced in part to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's sponsorship, who has been a vocal supporter of both Dogecoin and its competitor meme coin, Shiba Inu.

Scams using cryptocurrency through ATMs are on the rise in the US, and the FBI has issued a public warning.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States has issued a warning about the growing number of crypto frauds in the country. Scammers are forcing unsuspecting people to utilize physical bitcoin ATMs and digital QR codes to execute fraudulent transactions, according to a recent FBI Public Service Announcement (PSA). Even though the United States is still striving to regulate the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin ATMs are beginning to appear in public areas in the United States and other nations. Transacting using QR Codes is becoming more common in the United States, with businesses like AMC Theatres allowing crypto purchases for tickets.

Facebook and Coinbase have teamed up to test the Novi digital wallet in the US.

Facebook has teamed up with Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange located in the United States, on a new project called Novi, which aims to create a digital wallet that allows individuals to move money abroad without incurring additional costs. Novi has been in the works for a long time and will be launching trial programs in the United States and Guatemala. Anyone in the United States will be allowed to participate, with the exception of residents of Alaska, Nevada, New York, and the US Virgin Islands.

Andrew Yang, a presidential candidate in the United States, Speaks Out for Bitcoin

Andrew Yang, a previous presidential candidate in the United States, tweeted that he supports Bitcoin as he announced the formation of his new political party, the Forward Party. Yang stated he is a huge fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general while tweeting with American businessman Jeff Booth.
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