Tennessee City To Accept Tax In Bitcoins Soon

Mayor Scott Conger stated Friday that Jackson, Tennessee’s eighth-largest city, will enable residents to pay their property taxes in Bitcoin.

Following El Salvador, a number of other country’s governments are getting involved in the crypto realm, both directly and indirectly.

Tennessee city/ via williomsonsource.com

Whether it’s Paraguay, Brazil, or those countries who recognise the promise of blockchain technology and are attempting to establish their own central bank Digital Currency, they’re all embracing Bitcoin.

The Mayor of the city also tweeted about thr new plan.

Employees should dollar-cost average the largest cryptocurrency, according to the city’s blockchain task force.

In another tweet, the mayor drops his concern on dollar debasement.

As he said in a recent interview, Conger, who is the third generation of his family to serve as mayor, has long backed the major cryptocurrency.

He stated that his interest in the asset had increased dramatically in recent months, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s consequences and the economic chaos.

What Twitteratis has to say about the news?

Some fan-atic tweets from an admirer.

Conger has now joined the growing number of mayors in the United States who are supportive of bitcoin.

Mayor Scott Conger via twitter.com

Perhaps Miami’s mayor, Frances Suarez, is the most prominent Bitcoin and Ethereum hodler. He also spoke at the world’s largest Bitcoin conference, which happened to be held in Miami (or not), urging miners to relocate to his city.

In addition, Eric Adams, the newly-elected mayor of New York City, jumped on board by promising to make the city “the heart of bitcoins.”

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