Terra entered top10 after an incredible run

Terra entered the top10 after an incredible run this past year. Let’s take a look at this phenomenal feat and how Terra managed to pull it off.


The Cryptocurrency Terra or LUNA has entered the top10 club with exceptional performance. The coin gained more than 15,000% in a year.

Cryptocurrency recently entered the top 10 in the Market cap list by CoinMarketCap. Terra as of now has a market cap of $22.7 Billion. This is more than Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Terra started its journey in 2018 when it entered development. The mainnet launching was in the April of 2019. Terra provides stable coins pegged to the USD, South Korea’s Won, Mongolia’s Tugrik and the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket of currencies. The native Cryptocurrency of Terra is LUNA which stabilizes the protocol’s Stablecoins.

What makes Terra so Unique

Cryptocurrencies are famous for taking huge leaps in values. Many Cryptocurrencies have shown phenomenal growth in the past. This is not new news for a cryptocurrency. Additionally, the Crypto market has been volatile in this past year. The market has seen quite some inflexion points this year. The news of China banning Crypto mining sent shockwaves in the Crypto world. While, on the other hand, many notable personalities and billionaires endorsed Cryptocurrencies.

However, in such a chaotic market, it is Terra that continuously gained and market a record 15,000% gain this year. The coin has seen lows of $ 0.44 earlier this year but now sits at a value of over $ 60. The highest the coin reached was $ 77.94.

Yearly performance of LUNA

The coin marks over $1.5 billion in volume as of now. And this volume is expected to grow steadily in the coming years.


Terra or LUNA has shown its potential. It is among the favourites of Investors. An Investor should take a look at Terra for making good gains and investing their money.

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