Tesla Owner Mined $800 in Crypto a Month only Using His Electric Car

Tesla Owner claims that he Mined $800 in Crypto a Month only Using His Electric Car. Let’s find out more details about this.


Crypto mining has had a reputation of being really power intensive. Mining is infamous for requiring a lot of electricity for computation of the codes. However, it seems like a Bitcoin and Ethereum miner named Siraj Raval, has figured out a way to reduce the cost of power by a lot. He achieved this by connecting his MacBook to his Tesla Model 3 2018.

Modifications for the mining rig

The miner claimed that he was making $800 during the peak crypto boom of early 2021. He using an array of GPUs, connected his Tesla to them. He used the forward trunk or ‘frunk’ of his Tesla to house those GPUs. The large capacity of the Tesla battery offers a range of 320 miles (514 km). This battery can act as a source of power for the GPUs. This further helps the miner to cut maintenance costs of the rig.

Unfortunately, modifications like these in a Tesla cars voids the warranty, but Raval is optimistic about his work saying that it is worth it.

This information was revealed by the miner when he gave an interview to the popular news outlet CNBC. Talking more about his mining rig, Raval says, “It’s a computer with wheels…It’s so simple to hack into this computer car.” By using five GPUs connected to the Tesla’s battery, he mines Ethereum tokens using an algorithm. He additionally uses an Apple Mac Mini with M1 chipset and a 12-volt power adaptor drawing power from the car. The smart inverter can output different voltages according to the need of the user.

Expenses and profitability

A Tesla model 3 offers a range of 320 miles (514 km) on full charge. Each charging cycle costs a rough estimate of $15. His expense on electricity for charging makes a figure close to $40.

This figure is actually far lesser than an average crypto miner’s monthly electricity bill. Unfortunately, Tesla cars are not cheap and will cost a sum of about $100,000 to purchase.

However, to keep the costs low to fit the budget, Raval got himself second-hand GPUs from eBay to use it on his rig.


Tesla Owner claims that he Mined $800 in Crypto a Month only Using His Electric Car. That’s definitely a new thing to learn.

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