Texas Governor Candidate Allen West Says The State Will Lead Nation On Bitcoin Blockchain

With the Texas primary elections approaching, leading contender Allen West has stated his position on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Texas will lead the globe in exploiting Bitcoin, as well as “allowing the development of revolutionary blockchain technologies,” he said in a press statement today.

West also stated that his state is well-suited to spearhead “the largest technological revolution since the internet’s inception.” Texas, according to West, is one of the few states that has skilled workers, low power costs, and favourable regulations. Furthermore, firms such as Tesla and Oracle are relocating to the state.

West is also optimistic about Defi’s ability to level the playing field and create jobs.
Texas has the chance to lead the world amid the largest technological revolution since the Internet’s inception in the next ten years, West alluded.

He further said that, “The acceptance of Bitcoin has changed the way capital markets operate. Bitcoin has become the “gold standard” of digital currency because to blockchain, which has abolished the traditional restrictions imposed by banking rules, which need innumerable unnecessary human contacts.”

Allen West Supports DeFi More

“This transition to decentralised finance (DEFI), which uses computer code rather than humans to make decisions (smart contracts), speeds up almost any transaction involving the transfer of monies or assets. As a result of this technology, great wealth has been created as well as the start of a large job creation wave.”

Many people appreciated West’s futuristic approach as many political candidates have already made themselves to jump into the digital revolution.

A Texas citizen writes on Twitter that, “Allen West is not just pushing bitcoin. He’s pushing blockchain. This is terrifying if you love freedom”.

He ended the speech by concluding that, “We will continue to become the innovation capital of the United States as Tesla, Oracle, and other tech businesses relocate to our state due of its favourable business climate. Texas will be a global leader in utilising Bitcoin infrastructure, development, and business formation, as well as facilitating the development of revolutionary blockchain technologies.”

Allen West now leads Gregg Abbott, the current governor of Texas, in a survey issued this month.

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