Thai cafe where you get crypto advice with coffee and cake

Thai cafe where you get crypto advice with coffee and cake. Let us learn more about this unique market strategy of the Café.


Cryptocurrencies are getting really popular. Many people however, are starting late when talking about Cryptocurrencies. And, to get started with Cryptocurrencies a person needs good advice about Cryptocurrencies.

The crypto advice offering Café

Now, to help need with Cryptocurrencies, a cafe in Thailand will provide Crypto related advice, news and insights to its customers.

This Thai restaurant features screens which will show latest market moves and Internet advices. On top of that the cafe as with all other cafes will serve coffee and cake too.

However, the calmness behind the café’s décor, customers sit on the benches of the café with the anticipation that the crypto Investor faces.

Crypto traders on the environment of the Café

A crypto trader, on the environment of the café said that “It’s exciting for me to be here because I get to meet people who share the same interests.”

The Investor, Detnarong Satianphut said that “we (traders) get to exchange information because in the trading world we are coming up against millions of people.”

Thailand’s Crypto world

Cryptocurrencies are getting more popular day by day, in Thailand too. As per official data, as much as $7.62 billion worth of Cryptocurrency trading was done in November.

Previously, Thailand revealed its intentions to regulate crypto payments citing concerns for financial stability and the conditions for the overall economic system of the country.

The café’s history

The café has been in the market since 2013. However, the HIP café got the crypto theme in 2020.

Since the crypto makeover, the popularity of the Café increased a lot. Now the customers visiting the Café have increased two fold.

The manager of the Café, Oakkharawat Yongsakuljinda talked about the café. He said that the café provides  alternative opportunities for investment in the region.

Free investment consultation

The main feature attracting customers is the free investment consultation by the café. Also, the café is looking to launch a crypto coin of their own someday.

The customers are really happy with the café. The customers say that when they trade in the café, they get the best chances for success in the volatile Crypto market.


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