The 100,000 DYP airdrop: Avail Stable And Secure Tokens For Free!


  • DeFi Yield Protocol is holding a 100,000 DYP airdrop. This prize will be split among 5000 winners.
  • DeFi Yield Protocol is developing a platform that will allow anybody to supply liquidity and be rewarded with DYP tokens while ensuring token price stability and providing secure and simple DeFi to end-users.

What is DeFi Yield Protocol?

DYP is a smart-contract-based platform that makes yield farming, staking, and Ethereum mining as simple as possible. Users of platforms can freely supply liquidity and earn Ethereum, while their assets are protected from the impacts of volatility.

It offers a variety of staking and yield farming pools to provide investors with a variety of investing alternatives. DYP aspires to be the greatest in Defi platforms.

Thousands of people have recently joined the protocol. The total value locked in the platform in less than six months indicates its rapid growth.

What is the DYP Token?

The DYP token is the native token of the Defi Yield Protocol. This token is used to aid in the platform’s operations. The token can be used for governance, giving token holders the ability to vote on a variety of problems. The features are as follows:

  1. Token Burning
  2. Pool Addition
  3. Strategic Partnerships
  4. Governance Initiatives

30,000,000 DYP were minted and will be available throughout the two years. The token allocation is depicted below:

Source: Medium

Why DYP?

DYP introduces DYP tools with unique characteristics that aid in investment decision-making in an effort to assist the Defi community. A pool explorer, pair explorer, and Bigswap explorer are among the tools DYP provides.

The following are some of the new attributes and features for the community:

  • Full decentralized with zero sponsored projects
  • Trust score 
  • Provision of comprehensive liquidity data
  • DYP locker

DYP also tries to mitigate risks in the Defi world, consequently encouraging investments. In the Defi ecosystem, market manipulation is a major problem. Whales, in particular, benefit disproportionately at the expense of smaller investors.

DYP, on the other hand, is redefining the Defi ecosystem by leveraging the anti-manipulation feature to mitigate the risk of manipulation. Every 24 hours, this feature converts the DYP rewards from staking into ETH. DYP, therefore, pays staking rewards in ETH.

Furthermore, once the DYP price changes by more than -2.5 percent, the platform converts the biggest amount of DYP into ETH possible while maintaining the price during the conversion. Any unconverted DYP will be settled in the next seven days. Any leftovers will be burned or redistributed after the 7-day period. The holders of DYP tokens determine whether or not to redistribute the assets.

About the airdrop

DeFi Yield Protocol is holding a 100,000 DYP airdrop. This prize will be split among 5000 winners. Here is how you can participate:

1) Retweet the Airdrop Tweet, and Tag Three Friends in the Replies:

2) Follow @dypfinance on Twitter:

3) Join the telegram group:

4) Join the Announcement Channel:

5) Join the Discord Channel:

6) Go to Search for DYP Add DYP to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:

7) Follow their Medium page:

8) Fill in the airdrop form and leave your BSC address. The form will be available on once the event starts.

DYP is undoubtedly a unique and fast growing DeFi project owing to its unique features such as the one that mitigates market manipulation.

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