The 2,000,000 Thales Airdrop: Bringing Binary Options To Ethereum


  • Thales is distributing 2,000,000 THALES to several SNX investors.
  • Thales’ platform is bringing binary options to Ethereum, allowing users to hedge and speculate on the prices of crypto assets,  equity indices, commodities, equities and unique crypto indices.

About Thales

Users can hedge and bet on the values of crypto assets, commodities, stocks, equity indices, and bespoke crypto indices using the Thales platform’s binary options. This platform will serve as a central centre for launching new binary options markets, exchanging binary option position tokens on decentralised limit order books, and claiming the rewards of winning options positions and tactics. Users will be able to hedge and speculate on crypto assets, commodities, and equities, among other things. Sports betting and bespoke options are two markets that could be addressed in the future. All of this is available in a permissionless way (No KYC) on the Ethereum network.

About the Thales Token

The THALES ticker will be used for Thales DAO tokens, which will be a normal ERC20 token. The protocol will be governed by the Thales DAO token. The DAO token holders or their chosen representatives, the c ouncil, will decide and vote on any additional utility.

The total number of THALES tokens will be 100,000,000 (100 million) and allocated as follows:

35% to SNX stakers, divided as follows:

  • 2% Retro airdrop to anyone who ever staked SNX
  • 15% Retro pro-rata rewards
  • 18% Ongoing rewards

30% Growth fund, divided as follows:

  • 9% Strategic round
  • 2% Crowdpooling event
  • 18% DAO treasury
  • 1% THALES/ETH LP rewards

20% Core Contributors

15% staking rewards

Source: Medium

About The Airdrop

Thales is distributing 2,000,000 THALES to several SNX investors in an airdrop. Every address who made a transaction or minted in any market before the snapshot, and every Thales’ POAP holder until the snapshot are eligible to claim the airdrop. The photo was taken at 10 a.m. UTC on September 6th. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Visit the airdrop claim page.
  2. Connect your Ethereum wallet.
  3. If you’re eligible, then you will be able to claim 137 THALES.
  4. You will have to pass a simple quiz in order to claim your tokens.
  5. The snapshot was taken on September 6th at 10 am UTC.
  6. Eligible participants are:
    • L1 users who’ve staked SNX for at least one week and claimed rewards (since the beginning of staking in 2019)
    • Users who’ve migrated SNX using L2 bridge or staked SNX on L2 at the snapshot block
    • xSNX stakers who held xSNX for at least a week
    • Yearn vault stakers who had SNX in the vault for at least a week or held yvSNX at the time of the snapshot.
    • Every address who made a trade or minted in any market before the snapshot.
  7. Eligible addresses can be found here.

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