The Car With Cash Flow: New Era Of Blockchain!


If someone told you that you could pay off your car debt with the cash flow received from the said car, nobody would believe it.

A massive announcement from Daymak Inc, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer outlines that its brand-new model named Spiritus electric car will be able to mine cryptocurrencies. That’s absolutely right! The Spiritus model has a Nebula software installed in its interface that can mine cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The car is set to launch in 2023. The current car is merely a prototype.

What is the authenticity of its success?

The company also announced that it will live stream the cryptocurrency mining results 24/7. This live stream will last for the duration of a month, June 29 to July 29, 2021.

You can check out the live stream of the crypto mining results at Daymack live feed. With this innovation, Spiritus becomes the first electric vehicle in the world which mines cryptocurrencies for its owner, even when it’s parked!

How can you purchase it?

The company also announced that it will accept pre-order payments for the car in cryptocurrencies such as Cardano, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. The owner can literally pay the EMIs for the car by the cryptocurrencies mined by that very car. The company is working with several other corporations to provide leasing payment services in cryptocurrencies. Thus, each aspect of this launch, from the payment for its purchase to making payments through the car will involve cryptocurrencies.

car with cash flow
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How does it mine cryptocurrency?

The spiritus prototype has been successfully installed with the Daymak’s cryptocurrency software known as Nebula as well as the Nebula wallet. The mined cryptocurrencies will be deposited in the Nebula wallet by the car itself. With this development, each Spiritus car will be an individual node on the Blockchain network, mining cryptocurrencies as instructed.

The nebula miner will mine cryptocurrency and make money for its owner when the car is parked on top of the Daymak’s proprietary wireless charger, or by the solar charger.

The cryptocurrencies mined by the nebula miner will be collected, stored and transacted with the Nebula wallet, which will be integrated with the interface of the car.

Is it safe for the environment?

The company has also considered ecological factors while creating such a car. Mining cryptocurrencies has a history of consuming huge amounts of electricity and power, causing harm to the environment in the long run. However, the developers of the car have equipped it with emission-free hardware with solar charging so as to avoid wastage of clean energy.

The President of Daymak believes that by becoming the world’s first ecological cryptocurrency mining electric car, Daymak has crossed an unprecedented milestone of blockchain technology. He was also of the opinion that the company envisions a future where the customers can pay miscellaneous bills such as food, highway tolls and parking tickets through their cars themselves. Online bills and banking transactions would also be done by it.

Moreover, he goes on to say that the Spiritus is one of its kind. While other cars depreciate in value overtime, the Spiritus appreciates in value by mining crypto assets while being parked in the back of a garage!

“The potential applications are limitless”, he said.

How does this benefit the company?

The company played a masterstroke by keeping the launch of the company in 2023 instead of now. The president opined that by 2023 the blockchain technology will be advanced to unimaginable levels. Adoption of cryptocurrencies will be inevitable, every person would be using them to transact, purchase and sell. In a time when crypto will be booming, the demand for the mining car would shoot up through the roof, possibly to the moon!

The increased demand for the product will increase the company’s sales and revenue from operations. The company can see a surge in profits in the financial year 2023-2024.

Moreover, the company has smartly accepted cryptocurrencies as payment for pre-orders. Orders placed in the current year can be paid with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The value of these currencies is bound to rise exponentially by the time the car is launched in 2023. So, in addition to the actual cost of the car, the company will earn huge profits through the appreciation of crypto assets paid by the customers.

Most importantly, the company can become a firm competition to the market dominant Tesla and the father of cryptocurrency, Elon Musk.

The future of the company is set to shine bright with this innovative and ecological idea.

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