The CRD Network Airdrop : Connecting The Past To The Future


  • CRD Network is airdropping a minimum of 500 CRD to participants who complete a few simple tasks.
  • The CRD Network is a DeFi ecosystem that connects crypto and traditional financial services. CRD is a utility token used on the CRD Network.
  • You’ll be able to utilize DeFi in a compliant manner if you use the CRD Network app, and you’ll be able to quickly declare your revenues to the bank later.
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What is the CRD Network?

The CRD Network is a decentralized network that connects crypto and traditional cash transactions. It is a sidechain to ETH that functions as an API infra Hub — a data stream aggregator. In other words, it has a direct link to crypto through its connection with Ethereum, yet it has a direct link to traditional finance through its use of bank APIs.

As a result, you can send and receive payments in any of the world’s main currencies, whether digital or fiat, as well as create apps that use this ecosystem. The CRD Network is, at its core, a platform where you can create innovative decentralized finance apps that can smoothly interface with the rest of the world.

Since the ecosystem is open-source, everything goes; the only limit is your imagination. CRD network already has several exciting initiatives in the works, including:

Creator’s Banks: It is a digital neobank that can store your crypto and fiat currency, provide loans, and accept payments via a completely personalized card with cashback features.

BitClout Integration: Use your regular bank account to buy Creator Coins from your favorite influencers, stake your Creator Coins for daily rewards, or short sell a Creator Coin if you think they’ll lose popularity.

NIFTIT: Create NFTs and divide them into marketable Fragments so that they can be traded in real-time on decentralized exchanges.

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The CRD Token

The Ethereum blockchain issues this secondary validation token, which is a utility token based on the ERC-20 standard. While the coin is pre-minted, it is distributed throughout the system once transactions are logged into the CRD Network.

It has a limited supply; there are only 1 billion CRDs in existence, with many fewer in active circulation. Its primary purpose is to serve as a reliable access token. It remains in free float, however, to provide the CRD Treasurer Committee managerial freedom and ensure that it remains stable over time by assuring fiat and cryptocurrency convertibility.

Network operability concerns, as established by the governance board, shall take precedence over maintaining any current price ratio.

This stability, together with its decentralized ledger, will enable the establishment of a bridge between the fiat and decentralized worlds, allowing for low-cost transactions.

Nonetheless, it is currently in a transition period, as adequate liquidity capital reserves are still being built, but the long-term goal is for 1 CRD to maintain a stable value relative to the euro; however, it will retain its free-floating status, as the exchange ratio is managed actively rather than being pegged 1:1 to the euro.

Users can also obtain CRD Tokens as a reward for assisting the CRD’s stability and liquidity. This is accomplished through the use of a reward system.

In a nutshell, CRD Network users will be able to stake their fiat and cryptocurrency assets on the network for specific periods in order to help supply the necessary liquidity to lower transaction costs and provide capital to keep the EUR stable.

These are known as the Liquidity and Stability programs.


Total Supply (capped) : 1,000,000,000
Protocol: ERC-20
Supply Management: Active Supply Management via treasurer committee.
Network Fees Distribution: % of Network fees
Validators and Nodes: Master Node Operators

About the airdrop

Participants who complete the tasks below will get a minimum of 500 CRD from the CRD Network. To receive 500 CRD, do basic social tasks and fill out the airdrop form. Convert ETH to CRD for a minimum of 10,000 CRD in the Sushiswap/Tacoswap ETH-CRD liquidity pool. Then fill out the airdrop form with your information to receive a CRD airdrop equal to the amount you traded.

How to participate in this Airdrop?

  1. Visit the CRD Network airdrop form.
  2. Join their Telegram group.
  3. Follow them on Twitter.
  4. Retweet the pinned airdrop tweet using hashtag #crd10, tag @CRDnetwork, and tag at least three friends.
  5. Follow them on Reddit.
  6. Add them on Discord.
  7. Follow them on Bitcointalk.
  8. You will get 500 CRD.
  9. Exchange ETH for a minimum of 10,000 CRD in the Sushiswap or Tacoswap ETH-CRD liquidity pool and hold it till 20th September. Submit your details to the airdrop form
  10. You will get an airdrop of CRD equal to the amount you’ve exchanged.
  11. If more than 80M CRD is bought & held during the airdrop period, then the airdrop distribution will be based on first come first serve.
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