The Crypto Trading Hamster Mr Goxx Dies Leaving Twitteratis In Tears

Mr. Goxx, a Twitch-streaming bitcoin trader who outperformed Warren Buffett’s performance from a tiny desk in a cage somewhere in Germany, has died.

Mr. Goxx, a crypto-trading hamster who surpassed well-known investors such as Warren Buffet, has died.

Mr Goxx’s German owners revealed his death on Twitter and Twitch, telling fans that the furry merchant “fell asleep peacefully on Monday morning.”

After his owners joked that he could make better investment judgments than the ordinary crypto gambler, Mr Goxx began trading in June.

In a series of Tweets, his owner concludes everything regarding the hamster’s health and the cause of death.


Mr. Goxx was given his own trading office, replete with furniture, when Goxx Capital was founded.

The rodent used his “intention wheel” to decide which cryptocurrency to exchange.

Then he’d dash into one of two tunnels. One for “purchase” and the other for “sell.” A trade was completed every time he ran through a tunnel.

He had great results and was up about 20% when his career was unfortunately cut short after a rough start.

With thousands tuning in to watch his exploits on Twitch and follow his transactions on Twitter. The hamster developed a cult following, earning him a shoutout on The Daily Show.

He turned his celebrity into profit by selling products such as mouse pads, as he was always the entrepreneur.

“You will be missed, and your memory will live eternally on the blockchain,” Mr Goxx’s owners stated in an emotional tribute following his death.

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