The CryptoTanks Airdrop: Play-To-Earn NFTs


  • CryptoTanks is a play to earn platform where every NFT can be used in their gamified DeFi ecosystem 100 percent of the time.
  • 250 lucky candidates will receive a total of 12,500 TANK from CryptoTanks in an airdrop.

What Is CryptoTanks?

CryptoTanks is a play to earn platform where every NFT can be used in their gamified DeFi ecosystem 100 percent of the time. CryptoTanks allows the player to immerse themselves in a nostalgic environment while also experiencing the power of new cryptographic technologies and GameFi.

The CryptoTanks game was inspired by the cult Battle City game, which was published for Nintendo and Game Boy in 1990. CryptoTanks has been updated with new locations, missions, tank battle modes, and the DeFi & NFT ecosystem. The game transports the player into a nostalgic new universe where they can learn about crypto, DeFi, and NFT. Not only will the player enjoy the classic 8-bit visuals, but he will also make money by upgrading his NFT tanks in battle and in the garage.

Gamers will need to purchase NFT tanks and then participate in in-game upgrades and sales. Your tank becomes increasingly precious as you progress through the levels. This is unquestionably a good approach to make money from a gaming experience that is open to everyone. CryptoTanks also has a lovely, retro look and offers gamers guaranteed prizes through gamified yield farming.

After completing a game, $TANK tokens are automatically credited to each player’s account. You can also rent your tank and receive a percentage of the lender’s wins as a commission. Because the process is powered by a smart contract, there is no way for someone to take your NFT. Finally, you can get extra benefits by staking your $TANK and LP TANK tokens.

The game is created as an 8-bit game that should appeal to both newcomers and seasoned players. There are enough alternatives to keep gamers occupied for several weeks. A gamer, for example, can play alone or as part of a group.

There are three main sorts of battles in the game:

  • Rating battles: Only experience points, not $TANK tokens, are available for this duel.
  • Token battles: This is where players can earn $TANK tokens.
  • Money combat: This is the battle that you get to share in some monetary rewards if you prevail.
Source: CryptoTanks

Why CryptoTanks?

  1. Tanks can be used in a variety of ways. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are used to represent these tanks, and they have a variety of qualities such as levels, armour, weaponry, and chassis. Every battle you win increases your combat experience, which enhances the technical features and qualities of your tank. It also helps to increase the market value of your tank.
  2. Gamified yield farming is a win-win situation since players have fun while earning fiat-equivalent benefits. Users can also use the $TANK tokens they get as payment for in-game purchases..
  3. CryptoTanks will offer benefits similar to other blockchain games as a new game in the play-to-earn scene. Players have complete control of their possessions and can profit financially from their achievements in the game.

About The Airdrop

250 lucky candidates will receive a total of 12,500 TANK from CryptoTanks. To get up to 71 entries, sign up for the giveaway and complete basic social tasks. For each referral, you’ll receive an additional five entries. A total of 250 winners will be chosen at random to receive 50 TANK each.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Crypto Tanks giveaway page.
  2. Submit your details and sign up.
  3. Now complete simple social tasks to get up to 71 entries.
  4. Also get 5 entries for each referral. The referrals must also complete at least 5 tasks to be eligible to be considered as a referral.
  5. A total of 250 winners will be randomly selected to win 50 TANK each.
  6. The rewards will be distributed in the second week after the token sale.

CryptoTanks is a cutting-edge play-to-earn platform that enables players to fully use the potential of NFTs. A major gaming business is also working on the game, which has a lot of potential.

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