The EXIP Airdrop: Buy, Sell and Auction Domains


  • A total of $75,000 in EXIP is being given away by EXIP to 3,003 lucky contestants in this airdrop.
  • EXIP is a decentralised blockchain-based DNS service that allows users to buy, sell, and auction Domains and Top Level Domains.

What is EXIP?

EXIP is a protocol that aims to decentralise the internet by removing monopolistic control over domain names and top-level domains. A Blockchain DNS solution that uses your preferred agnostic NFTs to identify your domain and top-level domain. The owner of the respective domain & top-level domain has complete control over its utilisation, including the provisioning of new domain names and subdomains, because EXIP DNS is blockchain-based.

The EXIP ecosystem is tailored to the demands of any individual, business, or government entity. The EXIP token is a use and governance token that will be released on the Binance blockchain first. Token holders will be staked when domains and top-level domains are acquired and auctioned, and EXIP tokens will be used to buy, sell, and auction domains and top-level domains.

The EXIP browser and extension will give users access to blockchain-based DNS technologies that follow a zero-knowledge principle. The internet will be owned by the community. In the meanwhile, providing the security of an intranet while also giving internet connectivity. Only then will we be able to create a truly free and open internet.

EXIP Token

EXIP introduces the EXIP token, a native token that may be used and governed in any way. With a total amount of 2,100,000 tokens available at any given moment, EXIP created an EXIP token based on Binance BEP-20. Users that buy an EXIP token will gain access to a number of benefits, including the ability to buy, sell, and auction domains, as well as bonuses for simply holding tokens. Users will also receive EXIP tokens as part of a future EXIP IEO programme.

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What is the EXIP Blockchain Agnostic Token Model?

The total number of tokens awarded in any given period will be 2,100,000. EXIP token owners receive 21% of the purchase price when customers buy a domain or a TLD. In the beginning, 2.1 million EXIP coins will be created in the BSC (Binance Smart chain) and exchanged. 2.1 million EXIP tokens based on Ethereum and stellar are created and locked in the pool wallet at the same time. If the EXIP reaches 1.1+M (50 percent) tokens in the sale, the Ethereum-based EXIP Tokens will be offered. Users can go to the EXIP pool wallet to convert their Tokens, validate their ownership, and recover the tokens before transferring them to their wallets.

The tokens that are left will be returned to the pool accounts. As a result, the price and supply of each chain token will remain constant at all times. Even if the community wants EXIP to create tokens on a certain blockchain in the future, this may be done by a vote of the community.

Features of EXIP Token

  • Liberation from Internet Control: Consider a scenario in which the internet is completely unregulated in the community. The internet and TLDs were now dangerously dominated by IANA and ICANN. The internet will be decentralised once EXIP is operational. These two organisations will no longer have the capacity to regulate what happens on the internet since individuals will have complete control over their domains and TLDs.
  • Community Stakes and Rewards: Participants in the EXIP project (token holders, nodes) would be heavily staked and rewarded. Furthermore, because this is a community-focused programme, community members will be compensated, have robust security, and have access to the internet for as long as they remain in the community.
  • Possibility of Using Blockchain-Based DNS Technologies: Users will be able to use blockchain-based DNS solutions thanks to EXIP. If you create a domain with DNS, for example, you’ll use a specialised browser or a decentralised DNS server to access it.
  • Possibility of Hosting Static Websites: As long as they have at least one active domain, early EXIP adopters will be able to run decentralised static webpages. The EXIP team relies on IPFS to achieve this goal.

About the Airdrop

A total of $75,000 in EXIP is being given away by EXIP to 3,003 lucky contestants. To get entries, sign up for the giveaway and perform simple tasks. For each referral, you’ll receive 100 extra entries. A total of 3,003 people will be chosen at random to earn up to 500 EXIP. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Visit the EXIP giveaway page.
  2. Submit your details and sign up.
  3. Verify your mail.
  4. Now complete the tasks to earn entries.
  5. Also get 100 entries for each referral.
  6. A total of 3,003 participants will be randomly selected to share a prize pool of $75,000 EXIP.
  7. One lucky participant will win 500 EXIP, two winners will get 250 EXIP each, thousand winners will get 2 EXIP each and two thousand winners will receive 1 EXIP each.
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