The FBI has seized $2.3 million in cryptocurrency from a member of the REvil Ransomware Group.

A Russian person suspected of being affiliated with the famed hacker gang REvil, renowned for their ransomware assaults, had 39.9 Bitcoins taken from an Exodus wallet, valued at around $2.3 million (roughly Rs. 17.3 crores). The wallet contains REvil ransom payments belonging to an associate known as Aleksandr Sikerin, who has been caught using ransomware viruses to breach into databases of American infrastructure facilities, according to a complaint released last week by the FBI.

The complaint, which was originally reported by Bleeping Computer, claims that Sikerin, who is linked to REvil, was behind the ransomware assaults that netted victims almost $200 million (approximately Rs. 1,504.76 crores) in payments between April 2019 and June 2021. The bitcoin wallet that the FBI currently has control of is “traceable to Sikerin’s ransomware activities.”

Meanwhile, Sikerin has been charged with various charges of conspiracy and money laundering, with his last known residence being found in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg. Law enforcement officials, on the other hand, think Sikerin is only a member of the REvil gang’s huge network.

Frontline hacking activities and data theft from victims’ PCs are the responsibility of Ransomware gang associates. In most cases, they receive 70-80% of the ransom.

REvil, also known as Sodinokibi or Sodin, has become one of the most well-known ransomware organizations in recent years. Spam, vulnerabilities, exposed remote desktop services and compromised managed service providers are among the methods used by the gang to infiltrate

While the FBI’s lawsuit does not disclose the threat actor’s online identity, Bleeping Computer investigated the email address listed in it and discovered that the moniker ‘engfog’ is linked to a REvil member known as ‘Lalartu’ aka Aleksandr Sikerin — who is identified in the complaint.

According to court records, the revelation comes almost a month after the US Justice Department accused a Ukrainian citizen and a Russian of one of the deadliest ransomware assaults against American targets.

Ukrainian Yaroslav Vasinskyi, who was detained in Poland last month, was accused of hacking into Florida software company Kaseya over the July 4 weekend, according to an indictment at the time. He and his colleagues then transmitted REvil ransomware to as many as 1,5…

Vasinskyi is accused of getting into the victims’ businesses and installing encryption software created by the main REvil organization. REvil handled the ransom talks personally and shared the earnings with associates such as Vasinskyi.

Authorities collected $6 million (approximately Rs. 45.17 crores) in ransom payments when REvil, who was also involved in an attempt against leading global meatpacker JBS SA, was intercepted in a combined operation.

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