The GeoDB Airdrop: Start Earning From Your Data!


  •  The Geodb platform is a cutting-edge Defi platform that allows data owners to directly benefit from sharing their personal information, rather than brokers profiting from stolen data.
  • GeoDB is giving away 100,000 GEO to 6,000 lucky winners in an airdrop.

What is GeoDB? is a product of Geodb blockchain limited, a London-based firm that aims to deliver top financial services, including worldwide data access. Everyone who contributes data is rewarded by the platform. Geodb expects that its apps will be used by at least 12 million individuals.

To improve its service delivery efficacy, the platform formed agreements with a variety of different systems, including Chainlink, Ocean Protocol, Nisco, Abacus, and others.

The collaborations between Geodb and the firms will improve data collection and distribution efficiency while also expanding revenue potential. Geodb employs at least 30 employees with backgrounds in technology and finance, with at least 18 of them being developers. Furthermore, approximately 2,000 retail investors are hosted.

Source: GeoDB

Features of GeoDB

  • GeoCash: GeoCash is a platform-specific programme that allows users to earn money for their data. It’s extremely simple to share data from your smartphone and make money while doing so. GeoCash is a cryptocurrency that acts like a wallet and is currently operational. The Geocash wallet has already attracted 250 thousand users.
  • Volta: Volta is another Geolab-based programme that allows users to keep track of their races. Each user has the option of sharing their race information on social networking networks. Volta will be released soon.
  • GeoScan: Geoscan is a one-of-a-kind application for document scanning. It allows users to scan receipts, track their spending, and earn incentives afterwards.
  • Geo Marketplace: The Geo marketplace feature is a tool for selling and buying data that has previously been gathered. This marketplace will function with utmost efficiency and dependability.
  • Capture SDK for developers: This tool will be extremely useful for crypto tool makers, particularly Geosuite. Developers will assist in the creation of programmes that connect directly to the suite, making it more functional.
  • Geosuite: Geosuite is a top-of-the-line advanced platform built on the OSGi architecture to offer the most useful features to daily users. Once completed, this tool will be extremely useful to data scientists and other DTL technology.
  • GeoDB Appstore: The Appstore is a platform for monetizing Geosuite and other similar services. You may immediately show your produced components or functionalities to clients using the app store functionality.


The GeoDB token is the ecosystem’s native token, and it’s utilised to provide a variety of services. The token will aid in the protection of the system by assisting in payments, yield farming, and eventually reward distribution. This coin has already been listed on many exchange platforms, and the organisation aims to list it on several more.

GeoDB was able to raise over 6 million Geocoins in three crowdfunding rounds using this currency. The current market capitalization of this coin is $43 million. One of these coins is now trading for $1.7 and is ranked 654 on coinmarketcap.

A user can receive incentives for using the GEO LP tokens by providing liquidity for the tokens. Uniswap Uniswap Uniswap Uniswap Although there were once 1 billion Geocoins available, Geodb burned 65 percent of the supply, leaving 350 million tokens.

About The Airdrop

GeoDB is giving away 100,000 GEO to 6,000 lucky winners in an airdrop.

How To Participate?

  1. Go to
  2. Search for GeoDB
  3. Add GeoDB to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:
  4. Follow the Twitter account:
  5. Follow Odin Protocol Twitter account:
  6. Join the telegram group:
  7. Join the telegram channel:
  8. Download GeoCash :
  9. Share your GeoCash wallet (BSC) address.
  10. Like, retweet and tag 3 friends :
  11. Fill in the airdrop form and leave your BSC address. The form will be available on once the event starts

Participate in this airdrop and become a part of The Geodb platform which is a technologically advanced Defi platform that allows the data owners benefit directly from sharing their personal information.

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