‘Glimpse’ Into The World Of Social Media NFT’s


  • Glimpse is airdropping 840,000 GLMS to 1000 lucky participants.
  • Glimpse is a blockchain-based social media platform that allows anyone to post short videos of themselves and sell them in the form of an NFT on their open marketplace. 
  • By tokenizing material in the form of a digitally unique NFT, Glimpse allows individuals to monetize the content they would otherwise share for free, generating a new untapped revenue source for content creators.

What is Glimpse (GLMS)?

Glimpse is a decentralized social media platform that uses NFTs to connect and engage content creators and influencers with their fan bases. While many initiatives focus on digital artwork, It combines the thrill of NFTs with the delight of social networking to give influencers and celebrities a new way to monetize the photographs and videos they are currently sharing for free on traditional platforms. In a nutshell, it allows users to upload short clips of their lives, tokenize them as an NFT, and list them on their profile or marketplace.

Glimpse’s platform is built on Binance Smart Chain, which substantially reduces transaction costs and settlement times for NFT purchases, sales, and trades. It was founded in May 2021 and is funded by a global syndicate of Venture Capital firms who believe in our vision to reclaim power for content creators.

The Glimpse ecosystem would be incomplete without the GLMS token. Users can earn GLMS tokens by performing simple tasks on the platform, such as commenting on, sharing, and liking other people’s work.

On the Glimpse platform, GLMS is a utility token that serves as the primary payment option. GLMS is also used to receive discounts on in-app purchases, staking for prizes and special NFT drops, and payment of any royalties a creator receives from the resale of their ‘Glimpses.’

There were 360 million GLMS tokens mined in all.

Glimpse Airdrop, Glimpse IDO
Source : Medium

What can you do on Glimpse?

The following things can be done by Glimpse Users –

  • Individual Glimpses can be traded with other users.
  • They can be listed on the marketplace.
  • They can be uploaded and tokenized as NFTs.
  • Participate in auctions.
  • Collections can be created, bought, sold, and traded.
  • They can resell and exchange their Glimpses.
  • View, share and display their collections.
  • They should follow celebrities, influencers, and oher inspirational people they admire.
  • Look for Glimpses that people might wish to own.
Glimpse Airdrop, Glimpse IDO
Source : Morioh

What makes Glimpse Unique?

Glimpse allows creators’ fans and followers to bid on the NFT for a chance to purchase a ‘Glimpse,’ a fascinating insight into their star’s personal life.

Not only does this provide a new revenue stream for content providers around the world, but it also allows fans to make money. An NFT purchased today may be worth more tomorrow, and the fan can benefit by reselling it on our marketplace. Users can also build a collection of NFTs and sell them as a rarer and more valuable collection.

How to participate in this airdrop?

1 – Add Glimpse to your CoinMarketCap watchlist 

2 – Join the Telegram group 

3 – Follow the Twitter account 

4 – Like and Retweet the Pinned Tweet  and tag 3 of your favorite crypto influencers or friends

5 – Subscribe to Email List

Note : This airdrop begins on September 4th, 2021.

Participate in this airdrop and become a part of the evergrowing NFT community while also supporting content creators.

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