100 Trillion Golden Doge Tokens Given Out In This Airdrop


  • CoinMarketCap is conducting a Golden Doge airdrop. There are a total of 100,000,000,000,000 GDOGE to be given out in this airdrop
  • There will be 2,000 winners, each of whom will get a prize of up to 50,000,000,000 GDOGE.
  • Golden Doge is a new meme coin community initiative that pays users for holding GDOGE.
GoldenDoge Airdrop
Source : GoldenDoge Finance

What is Golden Doge?

Golden Doge (GDOGE) claims to redefine the DeFi investing environment with a token that allows holders to claim Binance Coin (BNB) once every 24 hours. The crypto industry and decentralized finance have made it easier than ever to earn a passive income.

GoldenDoge (GDOGE) has a golden vault that stores all transaction fees deducted in the GoldenDoge (GDOGE) ecosystem, as well as other BNB and GDOGE tokens, transferred to the platform’s contract, according to its website. GoldenDoge’s native token is GDOGE.

GoldenDoge’s ultimate goal is to use meme-inspired tokens based on the ever-growing Binance Smart Chain to bring safety and transparency to the DeFi investing landscape.

Golden Doge operates by allowing users to earn BNB daily through its Gold Vault.

Golden Doge platform members can claim BNB tokens according to how much of the total GDOGE supply they own from the vault. 

The site also has a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade any BEP20 token for GDOGE.

The Golden Doge (GDOGE) platform provides liquidity for a variety of BEP20 tokens as well as a passive income mechanism for DeFi investors. It also has a few dependable characteristics, such as the fact that Golden Doge’s exchange is supported by PancakeSwap (a prominent DEX that has frequently outperformed Uniswap in terms of trade volume).

GoldenDoge Airdrop
Source : GoldenDoge Finance

What Is Golden Doge Token (GDOGE)?

As previously stated, Golden Doge’s GDOGE token is a BEP 20 digital asset and the ecosystem’s native token, with a total supply of 100 quadrillion tokens. The GDOGE community will get 5% of the total supply through an airdrop, while the remaining 95% will be sold and added to the platform’s liquidity.

The GDOGE token will also be used to pay transaction fees on the Golden Doge DeX, with the following percentages being allocated in the following sequence.

  1. The Golden Vault will get -10% of transaction fees between wallets.
  2. An additional ten percent of purchase order costs and three percent of sell order fees will be remitted to the vault.
  3. 7% of the sell orders will go toward marketing and platform development.

Any BNB or GDOGE token supplied to the platform’s contract will similarly be stored in the Golden Doge vault.

Golden Doge (GDOGE) can be bought on PancakeSwap, LBank, and ZT.

GDOGE tokens have a total supply of 100 quadrillions and a circulating supply of the same.

About This Airdrop

CoinMarketCap is currently hosting a Golden Doge airdrop.

There are 100,000,000,000,000 GDOGE up for grabs in this airdrop, with 2,000 winners receiving up to 50,000,000,000 GDOGE each.

GoldenDoge Airdrop
Source : GoldenDoge Finance

How to participate in this airdrop?

Go to the GDOGE coin page on CoinMarketCap to sign up for the airdrop.

When you arrive, scroll down to read the procedures for taking part in the airdrop. The most important step is to sign in to your CoinMarketCap account, which you can do by clicking here.

  1. Follow the steps on the coin information page or below once you’ve logged in.
  2. Add Golden Doge to your watchlist
  3. Upvote Golden Doge
  4. Join the Telegram channel
  5. Follow the Twitter account
  6. Retweet the tweet

The campaign will finish on August 12 at 10 p.m. (UTC), following which we will pick 2,000 fortunate winners at random on August 19th. The complete list of winners will be made available on Twitter and other social media platforms. The GDOGE airdrop will be delivered to the winners by August 24, 2021.

The more entries you submit, the more likely you are to win.  Increase your chances of winning by completing more assignments!

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