The LandShare Airdrop : Combining DeFi and Real Estate


  • Landshare and CMC are together holding an airdrop campaign. The total airdrop amount is 3500 LAND to 2000 lucky winners.
  • Landshare is a platform that aims to combine Defi and real estate investment into one platform.

What is Landshare?

Landshare is a user-friendly platform that allows investors to earn income from rental earnings and property appreciation by staking stablecoins in a real estate-backed vault. The Landshare Token, a supply-limited token backed by real estate assets, and the Property Vault, a stablecoin-based vault that allows investors to earn fractional shares of rental profits and benefit from property value appreciation, are two key aspects of the platform.

Investors stake stable coins in the fully collateralized Property Vault, which represents a fractional investment in real estate assets. Investors are entitled to a part of the rental income earned by the properties as a result of their investment. Property Vault investors will see their primary investment grow if a property is priced at a greater value.

The platform’s native token, the Landshare Token, has a daily buyback mechanism tied to the value of Landshare properties. Staking incentive tokens are allocated from the buyback tokens. The token also gives exclusive access to Landshare’s future services, such as high-yield House Flipping Pools.

The Landshare Airdrop
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The Landshare Token

The Landshare Token is the Landshare platform’s native token. The token is given to stakers as a reward, and it is necessary to utilize the Property Vault. Following the launch, a token governance function will be introduced, allowing token holders to vote on key operational decisions. The Landshare token is a platform utility that is not connected to any real estate assets and does not reflect ownership of any real estate assets.

A daily buyback mechanism is included in the Landshare token. A portion of the platform’s TVL will be used to buy the token on the open market, and stakers will get the tokens. In addition to the daily automated repurchase, the team will undertake discretionary token buybacks and burns to maintain the overall supply under the 10 million Tokens cap.

When the governance protocol is live, buyback proceeds will be placed in a reserve fund, and token holders will be able to vote on how those funds will be used. 

The Landshare Airdrop
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Tokenomics of Landshare

LAND has a total supply limit of 10,000,000 tokens, with a circulating supply of 177,500 tokens. The rewards pool given out to Property Vault stakers contains 59.8% of all available tokens. The first liquidity is locked in for five months. Tokens from the seed round and presale are vested for a minimum of five months. For the first three months, team tokens are locked, with 10% monthly unlocks for the next ten months.

What makes Landshare unique?

Secure: Unlike a typical real estate investment, investors are not liable for damages, depreciation, or vacancies, lowering the risk.

Earn Yields: Yields are computed and distributed based on the monthly rental value of real estate assets and the projected appreciation of such assets.

Hassle-Free: No need to worry about property taxes, upkeep, or administration – simply stake stablecoins and get the advantages of real estate investing.

The Landshare Airdrop
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About The Landshare Airdrop

Landshare and CMC are together holding an airdrop campaign. The total airdrop amount is 3500 LAND to 2000 lucky winners.

How to participate in this Airdrop?

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