The Most Undervalued Airdrop!


What is a CRD Token?

CRD is a utility coin or cryptocurrency developed by the CRD network. The CRD network is a decentralized finance network which aims to integrate cryptocurrencies with the traditional ways of transactions, such as banking. Here’s the most undervalued airdrop.

By using the CRD coin, one can easily access the decentralized network to send and receive payments for negligible fee. CRD network aims to introduce banks and credit unions with debit and credit cards who accept CRD tokens as the operating charge.

CRD network airdrop
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The airdrop: all you need to know

Fortunately, the CRD network is airdropping its CRD token to some of its users over the course of the next few days. A total of 85,000,000 will be airdropped but in a scattered manner. The airdrop will be completely based on the number of coins one stakes in their wallets, thereby ensuring a fair distribution of the coins. Users can receive minimum 1000 CRD tokens and maximum up to 10,000 CRD tokens by participating in this airdrop.

Users need to hold CRD tokens in their wallets for at least a month to be eligible to receive the rewards. However, users are recommended to participate in this event as soon as it starts because the coins will be airdropped on a first-come first-serve basis if the transactions exceed 80 million CRD throughout the event.

What are the Benefits of Participating in the event?

Firstly, the CRD token made an all time high of $7 in December, 2020. It is currently valued at $0.004. This airdrop will create intense popularity for the coin and can take the coin back near its all time high. If it does, the holders may see a massive profit of more than 1000%. Moreover, the coin is listed on major exchanges such as Uniswap, Sushiswap and Altilly.

After this airdrop, the coin may attract the users of these exchanges which can drive its price up higher. The coin has a great potential to grow into a valuable asset due to the initiatives of its parent company. CRD network is trying to develop fintech companies providing traditional services in exchange for the CRD token. If the project proves to be a success, the value of CRD will sky rocket, being a very profitable investment for the airdrop winners.

Furthermore, unlike other penny coins, the supply of CRD has been capped by the developers. This is done in order to eliminate any deflationary element in its existence. The supply of CRD is limited to 100,000,000 only. No third party can dilute the value of CRD tokens by mining new coins.

Participating in this airdrop can prove to be very rewarding and users should capitalize on this opportunity.

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