The Pianity Airdrop: Dropping Musical NFTs


  • Pianity is distributing $100,000 in PULSE to people who perform easy tasks in an airdrop.
  • Pianity is a NFT music marketplace. Musicians and their communities can use Pianity to make, sell, buy, and collect limited edition records that are certified by the blockchain.

About Pianity

Pianity is the first NFT marketplace for music in France. Artists and their communities can use Pianity to make, sell, purchase, and collect limited edition recordings and content, all of which are guaranteed by blockchain technology. What’s even better is that these NFTs aid collectors as well! Users receive a weekly reward for their investment in their Pianity wallet, allowing collectors to spend their profits to support other artists.

Every Tuesday, prizes are given out. Pianity determines weekly prizes based on the following criteria:

  1. Your NFT wallet’s entire value (on the previous Sunday)
  2. Pianity’s total value of NFTs (at the price that you bought them)
  3. The amount of the weekly global reward.

What Makes Pianity Unique?

Pianity pledges to restore music’s position as an art form and provide musicians with a new source of revenue, allowing them to become more self-sufficient while doing what they love.

When an NFT is purchased, the artist retains ownership and rights to his work while fans and collectors purchase a copy of the music. The value rises in proportion to the amount of NFTs produced, their scarcity, any accompanying content, the artist’s community, and so forth. Artists are paid 80% of the transaction price up front, followed by 8% each time the NFT is sold.

In the long run, NFTs might be linked to extra content such as concert or festival tickets, as well as unique content, with benefits being automatically redistributed to right holders.

Source: Pianity

About The Airdrop

Participants who perform basic tasks will get a total of $100,000 in PULSE from Pianity. To obtain $10 worth of PULSE, sign up for the airdrop. You must also complete the social chores, download the ArConnect wallet, sign up using your ArConnect wallet, and submit your data to the airdrop page. The following are the airdrop’s terms and conditions:

  • The contest starts on Tuesday, September 21, and goes until Friday, October 1st at midnight (UTC)
  • Rewards from this activity will be distributed to all the applicants who complete the required tasks.
  • Pulses will be distributed to you up to 14 days after the contest finishes.
  • All rewards will be airdropped directly to winner wallets.

How To Participate

  • Download ArConnect
  • Register on using ArConnect
  • Follow @pianity on Twitter
  • Join the Telegram channel
  • Join the Discord server
  • Retweet giveaway tweet ($10 Reward)
  • Get 1–1 rewards for every penny you spend on Pianity

Pianity will share more information about token uses in the coming months, as well as release more fantastic artist NFTs, encourage new partnerships, and more.

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