The Rune Airdrop : Giving away 1,000 Rune NFTs


  • There are 1,000 RUNE NFTs given out in this airdrop, with 1,000 winners receiving up to 1 RUNE NFT each.
  • Rune is a dark fantasy gaming environment built on the blockchain in which users interact with one another and fight good and evil.
RUNE Airdrop
Source : Rune

What is RUNE?

Rune is a new addition to the realm of NFT games. In a dark fantasy gaming realm, players earn runes by fighting against other players, AI, and plundering produce farms. Participating in this community community also helps players in earn runes and establish their presence

The realm of this game offers its players a pool of possibilities. They have seven different NFT heroes to pick from, including Barbarian, Paladin, Druid, and four others. The primary principle of the game is to play Rune Evolution and earn cryptocurrency. As players fight against each other for prizes, heroes can equip Runewords (powerful weapons, NFTs).

In the game, players can also join a clan/faction called a ‘guild.’ They can meet new acquaintances and win awards for the guild as a group. The NFT Marketplace is an intriguing aspect of this game, as it allows players to purchase new weapons and equipment, as well as enhance their existing ones. According to the official website, the developers of this NFT game plan to release updates on a regular basis.

How to play RUNE?

The game’s fundamental idea is set in a dark fantasy environment where players must battle other players for Runes. There are four different types of games in the ecosystem such as :

  1. Evolution of the RUNE

Players must have a MetaMask wallet and link it to the Binance Smart Chain in order to participate . The next phase is to build a character that will be used to play the Rune Evolution game.

After creating a character, the player can use it throughout the game; in this case, it’s a miniature dragon that can eat ‘sprites,’ which are small butterflies that float around the screen.

  1. Rune Farm

The rune farm requires $ RUNE tokens, which can be obtained through Rune Evolution or bought on cryptocurrency exchanges like Rune Swap. There are only two ways to obtain each of the 33 unique runes that exist in this ecosystem:

-Providing a source of liquidity

-Assault farms

RUNE Airdrop
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The total supply of tokens is capped at 22,530. After the founders of the NFT platform destroyed 3,230 tokens from this supply, a total of 19,300 tokens remained. These tokens listed on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, DappRadar, Defistation, BscScan, BSC Price BOT.

What makes RUNE Unique ?

  1. Continuous upgrades and open source by a team of extremely skilled programmers.
  2. Feedback and development from the community are encouraged and rewarded.
  3. We believe in open data, transparency, and verifiability.
  4. A well-thought-out road map and game plan.
  5. Latest security recommendations were implemented, including a timelock and the removal of migrator code.
  6. Vault fees are used to fund buybacks, burns, promotions, and any other means of increasing holders’ value.
  7. Gamer-created for gamer-created
  8. At some point in the future, a minting lock mechanism will be used to cap supply and become entirely deflationary.

About this airdrop

Go to the RUNE coin page on CoinMarketCap to participate in this airdrop

How to participate in this Airdrop

To be eligible to win, users must complete all of the procedures listed above. The winners will be chosen at Rune Games’ exclusive discretion, and any NFT wins will be sent to the user’s BSC wallet address. Please contact the support team via any of the official social media platforms if you have any questions.

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