The SlumDOGE Millionaire Buying Every Possible Dip

Glauber Contessoto, A Dogecoin millionaire bought more Dogecoins even after the market crash by integrating his savings and borrowed funds.

It’s quite confusing that how buying dip will help you retrieve all your invested money on Dogecoin when your portfolio is already 40-50% down.

sounds crazy but not for the Dogecoin Millionaire.

Via Glauber Contessoto’s Twitter handle

Cracking jokes and buying memes is now an ambition of the 33-year-old, Glauber Contessoto as he just investing huge amounts on dogecoin in the bear market.

Since January’s bull market the cryptocurrency fell below 68 percent wiping off billions of dollars.

In between the haze, Mr. Contessoto lost almost $1.39 Million on the crypto but still HODLing the coin with hope and belief.

The Journey Of Becoming A Crypto-Millionaire

Mr.Contessoto claims to have invested over $250,000 in dogecoin on February 5 when it was priced at roughly 4.5 cents using his savings and borrowed money. He claims to have become a dogecoin millionaire on paper two months later, on April 15.

Despite the ups and downs of dogecoin, Contessoto has refused to sell. He intends to purchase more of the digital coin in the future and “hodl” for the long term.

Contessoto believes in dogecoin so much that he now asks to compensate for it anytime he works on social media advertisements for crypto companies.

For an imminent agreement between his YouTube channel and blockchain initiative Acria Network, Contessoto will get a total of $25,000 in compensation. When it came time to close the sale, the company inquired if he preferred to be paid in US dollars or in cryptocurrency.

In one month, he earned $28,000 from social media ads and promotions, the majority of which was paid in dogecoin. “That’s roughly six months salary at my previous job,” Contessoto says.

Contessoto intends to continue investing in dogecoin after he has paid all of his bills, including rent, food, and other expenses. Despite expert advice, Contessoto declares, “I’m all invested in doge.” “Doge serves as my savings account.”

he’s planning to hold his doge until this year’s end to experiment how far he could probably go with the value of Dogecoin.

People giving him hopes is the most beautiful part of this twitter community.

as soon as nations and people are investing and getting aware of virtual currencies maybe the day isn’t far enough when the virtual currency will play a vital role in money handling and will be raised to new heights.

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