The Thoreum Airdrop : The SafeMoon 2.0


  • Thoreum and CoinMarketCap are together airdropping 956,000 Thoreum to 1000 winners.
  • Thoreum price is projected to remain stable and increase up steadily along with the rarity of Thoreum tokens, thanks to the policy of limited supply and strongly burned tokens.

What Is Thoreum and How Does It Work?

Thoreum claims to be the first liquidity mining token to provide its holders with fixed returns. Thoreum’s authors claim it is a superior alternative to SafeMoon, which is a community-driven DeFi protocol with a deflationary utility currency.

The THOREUM coin is deflationary, meaning that the supply is always dropping (to ensure a finite supply) with each transaction. THOREUM holders receive static bonuses on a regular basis.

Each transaction is subject to a transfer tax of 12 percent to 14 percent, of which 10% is used to acquire BNB on a recurring basis. If the total transfer tax exceeds 50,000 THOREUM tokens, the contract sells it for BNB and returns it to the contract. The buyback and burn mechanism of THOR Thunder will be funded by the liquidity locked in Thoreum’s contract.

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Unique Features of Thoreum

  1. Holders are automatically rewarded – Each time THOREUM is transferred, a tax cost of 12% is applied. 4 percent of the total is allocated to existing THOREUM holders. Those who choose to keep their THOREUM are rewarded, whereas those who sell are penalised, therefore this process encourages holders while discouraging pump and dump traders. Holders are encouraged to keep their coins since the value of their holdings will grow over time. Even if THOREUM investors do nothing, they will still earn more THOREUM simply by holding them.
  2. Staking Doubles Your Money – THOREUM is the only token of its kind to provide double staking rewards with our unique “Thunder Boost” pools: Place your THOREUM in one of our “Thunder Boost” earning pools to earn BNB, BUSD, and other 3rd-party tokens. Even though THOREUM is no longer in your wallet, you will continue to get your automatic holding incentives as if it were still in your wallet, as well as staking rewards in Thunder Boost pools.
  3. Fee-free 3rd party Farming Rewards – Unlike Safemoon and other similar coins, THOREUM is the only reflective token that can be tax-free farmed in other yield farms thanks to our unique “Thunder Alliance” system. THOREUM has partnered with trustworthy farms recognised for their secure, non-rug pull environment so you can stake THOREUM and earn their tokens without having to pay the 10% deposit/withdraw/harvest tx fee that Safemoon and other reflective tokens charge. Thunder Farm is a good example of this mechanism.
  4. Limited Supply With Liquidity Mining – THOREUM is a limited-supply coin having a variety of uses, with a total supply hard-capped at 5 billion coins and 3 billion incinerated at the start. It uses “Liquidity Mining” instead of “Staking” other coins such as BNB, BUSD, ETH or staking liquidity pairs such as BNB-BTCB, BNB-ETH to mine THOREUM using an environmentally friendly technique, unlike BTC and many others that require too much power to mine. The mining process will take roughly 50-90 days or longer, after all 1.5 billion THOREUM has been mined, there will be no more currency for liquidity mining, and people will have to buy THOREUM to own it.
  5. Harvest Lockup – Harvest lockup is a one-of-a-kind rewards lockup technique that is used to limit the number of times you can harvest. Its purpose is to keep farming arbitrage bots from harvesting and dumping incessantly. We’ve extended this procedure to 13 days to prevent anyone from hoarding the coin and not selling it.
  6. Deposit Fee Redistribution via Thunder Farm – When users begin staking, they will be charged a 4% deposit fee; we expect to spend 50% of the presale fund and 50% of the deposit fee to add to the Thunder farm. Thunder farms are places where users invest THOREUM in order to earn valuable tokens such as BUSD and BNB.
  7. Program for Referrals –  To encourage users to ask friends to join the farming, an on-chain referral scheme has been established. Inviters can receive 3% of their friends’ profits in perpetuity.
  8. No Migrator Code –  The MasterChef contract’s migrator code has been removed.
  9. Timelock – Important functions on Masterchef are timed.
Thoreum Airdrop
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About This Airdrop

Thoreum and CoinMarketCap are together airdropping 956,000 Thoreum to 1000 winners.

How to participate in this Airdrop?

  1. Go to CoinMarketCap
  2.  Search for THOREUM
  3. Add THOREUM to your CoinMarketCap watchlist
  4. Estimate Thoreum price 
  5. Follow THOREUM Twitter account 
  6. Like & Retweet the pinned post on twitter and tag at least 3 friends with hashtag #Thoreum #Safemoon2_0 #AutoReward #Ecosystem #CoinMarketCap #NFT
  7. Join THOREUM airdrop telegram group.
  8. Join THOREUM telegram channel 
  9. Fill in the airdrop form and leave your BSC address. The form will be available once the event starts.
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