The TOMI Airdrop: Enabling Scalable Projects With A Positive Impact


  • TOMI is a decentralised token designed to enable scalable projects that have a positive impact on their communities, regions, and the world at large.
  • TOMI worth $70,000 will be given to users who complete simple social tasks in an airdrop.

What is TOMI?

TOMI is a decentralised token designed to enable scalable projects that have a positive impact on their communities, regions, and the world at large. The goal of our endeavour is to eliminate existing crypto market greed in fees and educate people about the tough concept of wealth.

This platform comprises the following:


TomiSwap is a decentralised exchange that will charge users substantially reduced costs than current exchanges (0.3 percent instead of 1%+).

Through its TOMIFundMe grants, TomiSwap aims to assist all stakeholders and players, including those outside of the bitcoin field.

Users are also entered automatically into weekly giveaways with the chance to win life-changing prizes (8.3 percent of all revenue generated will be given back to users). Providers of liquidity pools will be paid 66.6 percent of the revenue generated.

Tomi Blockchain:

When a blockchain becomes overburdened with traffic, gas fees skyrocket. This is because most blockchains are not interoperable, so once a project is launched on one, it is trapped there with no way to transfer between chains to relieve congestion.

Tomi will build a scalable blockchain that will operate as a connection between chains, allowing assets like ERC-20 tokens to effortlessly travel across chains, allowing transactions to be done on other chains, and reducing congestion and gas fees for users. On the Tomi Blockchain, TOMI will be required to pay for gas fees.


TomiFundMe is a platform that allows anyone with a strong business idea to advertise their enterprise and get grants based on the votes of holders.

Source: Bitcoinist

Tomi Tokenomics

The initial TOMI Token supply (the quantity of tokens in circulation when trading begins) will be 1.5 billion coins.

The Sushiswap smart contract will receive 750 million bitcoin, forcing everyone to buy it. A total of 250 million coins have been set aside for the Development pool. The Community Pool will receive 500 million coins over the course of three years. The Founders do not receive any free coins to distribute to the community.

What makes Tomi Unique?

  • This platform has something for everyone, from users to liquidity suppliers to ordinary people seeking for an opportunity.
  • TOMI NFTs have collected almost 1 million dollars (and counting), which implies that even if no one else buys, the market cap will climb by over 10 times in the first hour of the public auction only from NFT sales.
  • TOMI NFT sales will be used to purchase and burn TOMI, so stabilising and increasing its value.
  • All activities are transparent and can be proof checked.
  • In contrast to all the other crypto ventures out there that make money for their creators, the platform is constructed so that everything collected is handed back with no business motive.

About this Airdrop

TOMI is awarding $70,000 in TOMI to users who fulfil simple social chores. For a chance to win up to $5,000 in TOMI, join their Telegram group, complete the Twitter tasks, and fill out the contest form.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the giveaway page.
  2. Join their Telegram group.
  3. Follow them on Twitter and retweet this tweet using hashtag #TOMI and also tag three friends.
  4. Submit your details to the giveaway form.
  5. One lucky participant will win $5,000 worth of TOMI, four lucky participants will win $2,500 worth of TOMI each and forty lucky participants will win $1,500 worth of TOMI each.
  6. Winners will be contacted on Twitter or by mail and the rewards will be distributed within 14 days after the end of the giveaway.
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