Get A Chance To Earn Rare NFTs With The Unbound Airdrop!


  • Unbound is airdropping 1,000 rare NFTs to 1,000 lucky winners
  • Unbound Finance is a cross-chain decentralised protocol that operates as an aggregator layer on top of existing AMMs to increase the utility of liquidity provision tokens.

What Is Unbound ?

Unbound Finance is a decentralised, cross-chain protocol that acts as an aggregator layer on top of existing AMMs (such as Uniswap, Balancer, and Sushi) in order to improve the utility of liquidity provision (LP) tokens by increasing the yields they may create.

The protocol’s goal is to create and distribute devices that are both native and interoperable with the broader DeFi ecosystem. Unbound’s initial tool allows users to use their LP tokens to mint synthetic assets such as the UND stablecoin and uETH . These coins are entirely liquid and may be minted cross-chain, assisting in the dismantling of blockchain boundaries.

Pantera Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, CMS Holdings, Hashed, LedgerPrime, TRGC, LD Capital, ArcGlobal, Future Perfect Ventures, ZeePrime Ventures, and others have backed Unbound, which was founded by blockchain enthusiast Tarun Jaswani. These high-value backers were chosen to assist Unbound reach its target demographic of DeFi customers.

Unbound Finance, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, launched its first testnet in December 2020 and its last Zeta testnet in April of this year. It promises to launch its mainnet on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Harmony, and Solana in the future, while also supporting the most popular AMMs including Uniswap, Curve, MooniSwap, PancakeSwap, Sushi, and Raydium.

The platform’s native utility token, UNB, is utilised largely for platform governance; nevertheless, the platform’s native stablecoin, UND, is produced by staking LP tokens.

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What Makes Unbound Unique?

Unbound Finance is a non-custodial, flexible platform where AMM liquidity providers can compound their earnings by minting UND and uETH with their LP tokens.

The UNB governance token grants holders voting rights and fosters involvement by allowing them to contribute to the decision-making process surrounding issues and ideas.

The platform generates money by charging its customers a minting charge, which varies by asset pair and can be altered by community governance vote.

It is also the first debt-free liquidity provisioning mechanism for cryptocurrency users. The protocol has a number of distinguishing characteristics, including:

  1. Debt-Free Borrowing
  2. Liquidation-fFee Collateralization
  3. Perpetual Borrowing 
  4. The UND Stablecoin 
  5. Secured Price Oracles
  6. Cross-Chain Bridges

About The Airdrop

Unbound is airdropping 1,000 rare NFTs to 1,000 lucky winners. Along with the special NFTs, there will be some Ultra Rare NFTs available, which will grant the victors access to the Unbound Governance Private Sale allocation. Here’s how you can participate:

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