This Delhi restaurant serves Bitcoin Tikka and Doge Fried Rice, and you can pay in cryptocurrency.

After some skepticism, some small companies, such as restaurants and cafés, that were badly impacted by the pandemic-induced lockdown are now warming to the notion of using bitcoin to make up for their losses over the last two years. A restaurant in New Delhi’s Connaught Place has chosen to take Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies as payment. To entice guests, the restaurant Ardor 2.1 has created a unique “Digital Thaali.”

Baahubali Thaali, United India Thaali, and 56 Inch Thaali are just a few of the restaurant’s thaali titles.
Ardor 2.1’s Digital Thaali (which is suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians) includes dishes named after cryptocurrency. Polygon Pita And Falafel, Bunny Burger With Chilli Fries, Solana Chana Bhatura, Ethereum Butter Chicken With Kulcha, Doge Fried Rice, and Bitcoin Tikka are just a few of the dishes available.
Bunny is a payment solution platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, while Polygon is a protocol and framework for constructing and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

Solana is a public blockchain platform that has long been seen as a competitor to Ethereum.
In a video by Delhi Food Nest, the restaurant’s owner stated that people who pay in bitcoin will receive a 20 percent discount.
“With a totally digital menu, we decided to provide our visitors a digital experience. After hearing about it from one of my pals, we were considering doing something in crypto. Despite the fact that it is a grey area, we decided to “go ahead and give it a go.” We also wanted to see how many individuals were interested in crypto,” the owner explained.

Non-vegetarians will pay Rs. 2,099 (plus taxes) for a Digital Thaali, while vegetarians would pay Rs. 1,999 (plus taxes). The eatery looks to be capitalizing on the bitcoin mania.

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