This torrent site allows users to download the whole blockchain’s NFTs.

As the popularity of non-fungible tokens grows, more people are inventing their own and investing in them. The concept behind NFTs is that anybody may buy digital art, which can range from a picture to a comic character to the source code of the World Wide Web, using the same blockchain technology that powers the cryptocurrency world.

This allows the artist to get compensated for their labor while also allowing the buyer to claim ownership of the artwork. However, there is one flaw. The NFT is only an electronic file, and no one can prevent anyone from right-clicking and downloading a copy.

However, right-clicking each NFT file to download it might be a time-consuming operation. As a result, Geoffrey Huntley, an Australian artist, has created a website that allows users to download a whole blockchain’s worth of NFTs. It’s called the NFT Bay, and it’s a near-identical replica of The Pirate Bay. Huntley’s site, according to many, might spark a lively debate about what it means to claim ownership of something on the Internet.

The description on the NFT Bay website reads, “People are dumping millions of instructions on how to get photos.” “Because these are standard pictures, you may right-click save-as.” In the blockchain, the picture is not saved. The picture isn’t saved in the contract on the blockchain. Because web 2.0 websites are prone to going down, this handy torrent has all of the NFTs so that future generations may study this generation’s tulip craze and collectively exclaim, “WTF?” “For this, we ruined our world,” it continues.

Individual non-fungible tokens may be found in the NFT Bay’s main section. It includes about 18 TB of NFTs from a database on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains, which is a lot of photos to put lightly. All of these photos can be downloaded using the visitor’s preferred torrent software.

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