To combat digital art theft, Adobe has teamed up with Rarible and other NFT marketplaces.

Adobe has teamed up with Rarible, a popular non-fungible token (NFT) platform, and a few other well-known NFT markets to help artists by improving the validity of digital art made with Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC) suite, which includes Photoshop and Stock. Users can connect their Adobe accounts to their social media sites or cryptocurrency wallets. The markets will be able to provide a digital certificate based on the Adobe-verified credentials if they offer their work as NFTs. Adobe’s online portfolio tool, Behance, will likewise link these confirmed credentials.

This feature, which Adobe refers to as “Content Credentials,” will effectively capture identifying data when a picture is altered in Creative Cloud applications and preserve it as metadata. The functionality is optional, and the corporation has developed a webpage where users may verify picture credential details. “To counteract disinformation with the attribution and verifiable validity of the content,” the whole procedure was established and streamlined. The tool is currently in beta status and is only available to Photoshop users.

New York, USA – 18 March 2021: Rarible logo sign, icon on website close-up, Illustrative Editorial

Adobe and the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) co-founded the CAI two years ago to combat visual misrepresentation and safeguard authors through digital provenance. Rarible, as well as a few other NFT markets such as KnownOrigin, OpenSea, and SuperRare, have joined the CAI in order to assist highlight the publicly viewable Content Credentials information. The Content Authenticity Initiative has acquired over 375 members in the last several years, including the BBC, Getty Images, Microsoft, Nikon, and many more.

NFT creators will also be able to post their work under a pseudonym, choosing whether to show cryptographic addresses related to their online identity or genuine social network accounts, thanks to Content Credentials and the CAI.

Adobe’s vice president in charge of Behance, Will Allen, stated that the company has no plans to create its own NFT marketplace. “We’re primarily concerned with providing a platform for these individuals to display their work. That is the main focus of what I believe we can do very effectively, which is to allow them to exhibit their work and then do business anywhere they choose.”

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