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Tokyo AU (TOKAU) is the leading NFT platform for celebrities and influencers, which is quite significant. TOKAU introduced its Initial Decentralised Exchange Offering (IDO) this year. Additionally, TOKAU is the preeminent global platform accentuated towards celebrity and influencer interactions with their fans through NFTs. Hence, TOKAU has two distinct and vital roles in the cryptocurrency infrastructure – currency and vote. In addition, this enables the functions of NFT transactions and voting rights regarding community governance, administration and affairs in a significant way. 

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TOKAU is a unique attempt to integrate blockchain ecology and its technology in the NFT games sector. Paving the way for an industry revolution for celebrities to break through industry barriers. For their members, they arrange for exclusive opportunities to personally interact with anime, film and television stars.

TOKAU is fundamentally a close knit social network associating celebrities and  their fans. The platform employs NFT as the medium to interact and connect stars and fans. This method utilises NFT sales, film and television announcements, classic memorials, new song sales and fan support. TOKAU is currently partnering up with major NFT and DEX platforms along with futuristic ecological chains and strategic cooperation. This results in the cooperatively established state of the art environment of blockchain economy fuelled by the fans.

Recent Projects

Tokau mostly has currently partnered up with Binance NFT Marketplace to essentially initiate “NFT Relay for Love”. This project leverages the particularly current NFT technology to support the community, very contrary to popular belief. They envision a world wherein blockchain technology is implemented as a social contract for philanthropy to for all intents and purposes cease poverty and inequality while promoting sustainable development in a subtle way. TOKAU will essentially convert all participants” videos into an NFT labelled particularly “Eternal Love”, pretty contrary to popular belief. Which sequentially will be auctioned on Binance NFT marketplace in a big way. 

Consequentially, all proceeds will be donated to Binance Charity for other social charity projects in the future. The aim of this virtual event is to increase social awareness regarding global crisis relating to resources, climate change and natural disasters. The Twitter Online Charity event requires participants to upload a short clip expressing what they care about on Twitter to secure 30 million TOKAU.

Advantageous Aspects that make TOKAU stand out 

The TOKAU community consists of celebrity followers and global coin owners that serve as community nodes and access points. The entire platform is well established with user communities in countries and regions from all over the world. TOKAU intends to retract up to 30% of tokens per annum to really ensure sustainable development. The withdrawal of tokens will intend to terminate finally at 10% reserves so as to sustain the standard and conventional operations of the blockchain infrastructural ecosystem. 

How to Participate in TOKAU’s Airdrop Campaign ?

1 – Add TOKAU to your Watchlist on CoinMarketCap 

2 – Follow Twitter 

3 – Join TOKAU Telegram Chat Group

4 – Follow TOKAU Telegram Announcement Channel

The results definitely include a chance for 2000 participants of winning upto 163 billion TOKAU and the airdrop campaign will mostly be generally live from 9 – 13 August, 2021, which kind of is quite significant.

Tokyo AU is wholly accountable for the nomination and assigning of the assets to the selected winners in a generally big way. Users will particularly be required to actually execute a series of tasks to for all intents and purposes be basically eligible for consideration for the airdrop according to Tokyo AU’s selection policies, or so they basically thought.

However, fulfilling the selection criteria does not definitely assure or guarantee any form of success, so TOKAU intends to retract up to 30% of tokens per annum to literally ensure sustainable development in a definitely big way. Participating in the airdrop campaign simply suggests that you generally and implicitly agree to their policies. 

Furthermore, it should be sincerely noted that Airdrop rewards are limited. Participants should finish the tasks fastest to improve their chances to win. The Airdrop concludes immediately when the reward tokens have been exhausted. The distribution will be based on whether the participant satisfies the eligibility criteria on the last date of the airdrop.However, each applicant can participate only once in each airdrop.

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