Twitter adds hexagonal profile pictures for NFTs

Twitter adds a new feature of hexagonal profile pictures for NFTs on their Platform. Let’s find out more details about this new feature.


Twitter, the famous micro blogging website, is trending in the NFT space after its announcement of a new feature allowing users with NFT profile pictures a unique hexagonal shaped profile icon.


Previously, Twitter made an announcement talking about its plan to allow users to authenticate NFTs on their platform. This feature in now up on the website.

Users can now link the NFT they own to their twitter account. With this, Twitter will verify the authenticity of the NFT and with it, the user will get a new hexagonal (6-sided polygon) shaped profile icon. The hexagon shaped profile icon will replace the standard circle shaped icon, that Twitter users generally have.

Requirements to use this feature

The feature is live as of now, however, there are some things that you need to have this feature on your profile.

  • First – Presently this feature is only for iOS app users. The feature might arrive on android soon, however, there’s no news about Android launch lately.
  • Second – Twitter users are required to have a Twitter Blue certificate, which is required to link and authenticate their NFTs. The Twitter Blue premium subscription is about $2.99 a month, and is only supported in select regions.

Details of the feature

With the help of this feature, the profile picture will offer more info about the NFT. Twitter users can click on the hexagonal profile picture to learn more details about the NFT. After clicking the icon, a user will get a pop up option saying “View NFT details”. After clicking on that option, the user will get the information about the owner, the collection and other details about the respective NFT.

How to get the hexagonal profile icon using your NFT?

Presently, Twitter supports a number of crypto wallets that allow users to connect their profiles to prove the authenticity of their NFTs. These wallets are Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, Ledger Live, MetaMask, Argent, and Trust Wallet.

If a user fulfils all the above conditions, they can open their Twitter account on an iPhone app. After which they can click their profile. Then, click the Edit Profile icon. And then click on their profile picture. Under the ‘Upload photo’ option, there will be a new option of ‘Choose NFT’. Then the user needs to tap on it, after which Twitter will redirect to a page where the user can link their crypto wallet.

After that, the user can choose the NFT of their choice to set it as their profile picture. After that, Twitter will automatically add the hexagonal profile icon on the user’s profile.


Twitter adds a new feature of hexagonal profile pictures for NFTs on their Platform. The Twitter NFT community will definitely love this new feature. Let’s see if this feature is liked by the Twitter users or not.

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