Twitter explodes on father’s day; Wishing Elon Musk: The Dogefather “Happy Father’s Day”

While everyone was busy arranging parties and all for their fathers, Twitterati’s trends #dogefather for Elon Musk, wishing him father’s day.

What people generally do on Father’s day? Arrange cakes, balloons and food for the party. Wishing the prime male in the family, A Happy Father’s Day.
That’s it.
But Twitterati’s are a bit different (not a bit but a lot).
In a very bizarre but funny manner, Twitter users started wishing Elon Musk “Happy Father’s day”.

Everything was usual. A beautiful and special day for daddies (June 20, Sunday). Until a #dogefather wave came suddenly on Twitter.
It was just a couple of hours and #DogeFather trends on number #7 followed by other hashtags.

People went insane on Twitter to express their love towards the meme coin and to greet the Tech Giant for his contribution to DogeCoin.

Here are some tweets from the DogeCoin Hodlers to show their gratitude towards their beloved Dogefather.

Even in the bear market, investors holding the meme coin just believing in Elon that one day the coin will pay off to the HodLers.Right after Elon tweeted “Happy Father’s Day” on Twitter, users started wishing him back mentioning him as Dogefather.

How all this came into the scenario?


On 8th May 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk along with Miley Cyrus and many others hosted Saturday Night Live.The Tech Giant was seen on many interviews and small skits where he introduced himself as DogeFather.After then, people started addressing him as DogeFather.

That’s a big achievement!

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