Twitter Flooded With Speculations; “Elon Musk, the 2nd” Is The Name

Elon musk changed his twitter name to “Elon Musk, the 2nd” and twitterati’s are already making their own hypothesis.

Woah woah woah !
The world is going crazy these days and the obvious reason being , Voila , the internet.
Hypothetically speaking , it is making us travel around the world faster than light ,
affecting a few fortunately while making it dreadfull for the rest.

For time being, the reason of the chaos is “Elon Musk :The 2nd”

Entire crypto world has witnessed the waves that the Tesla chief has generated since ever. His tweets ruthlessly troubling crypto investors, explicitly bitcoin.
In between the whole scenario, Musk always try to indicate something from his hilarious tweets. Sometimes a Signal and sometimes just a mere tweet.
Recently, the Tesla Chief changed his name from Elon Musk to Elon Musk, the 2nd and everyone trying to derive information from it.

Source: Elon Musk Twitter Handle

Another twist of fate constricted Coka-Cola in a very bizarre and funny manner.

Ronaldo And The Two Coke bottle theory

In the recent incident, Football star Cristiano Ronaldo in Euros, slides two coke bottles off from his sight in between a press meeting replacing it with water bottle.
This act caught so many eyes that the consequences was unbearable for Coca-cola.

Soon, after the video gone viral, the Market Capital of Coca-cola slides down from $242 billion to $238 billion.After all the tumbling in the market right after the Cristiano’s video everyone mocks Musk by tweeting Cristiano a better manipulator.

Some memes over the Internet…….!

Still Some Haze Of Speculations Left over the twitter

Though everything gets cold soon but one never settles easily. The Imperator of Mars i.e Elon Musk changed his name pushing everyone into new dilemma.
Some of the theory says that, He is trying to indicate the future rank of Dogecoin i.e 2nd.

While some of the supporters think that the name indicates Dogecoin as 2nd bitcoin.

Even some of the speculations are that Tesla will start accepting dogecoin from 2nd July.

Just in the scene, Bitcoin prices faced huge downfall lately after Musk claimed about the bad effects of cryto mining on environment. On this basis he also stated that, Tesla would not accept payments in Bitcoins.

But, time and fate took U – turns. Shattering the dark sky over the crypto world again. In another Tweet, Elon talked about resuming the bitcoin transactions after getting all the confirmation of reasonable clean energy usage by miners , that lead to a rise in prices of both Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Well, we all will get to know about these symbols and signals soon. Until then, don’t be impatient and stay connected with us.

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