Twitter Hired Jay Graber For ‘Bluesky’ Decentralised Social Network Wing.

Twitter’s ambitious upstart decentralized social media working group “bluesky” took an important step Monday as the social media company appointed a formal project lead who will direct how the protocol develops moving forward.

Crypto developer Jay Graber was tapped by Twitter to helm the initiative, which the company hopes will eventually create a decentralized social media protocol that a number of social networks including Twitter will operate on.

The separate bluesky organization will operate independently but to date has been funded and managed largely by employees at Twitter.

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Jay Graber, a crypto engineer, will oversee Twitter’s attempts to design a decentralised social network platform.

Graber, who worked on Zcash’s privacy coin until October 2018, confirmed the news on Twitter on Monday morning:

Graber’s hiring was hinted on Aug. 5 by Bluesky, which was first announced in December 2019:

Graber’s appointment, according to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, is “another step toward decentralising Twitter and social media.”

Graber told TechCrunch in January that she saw a big opportunity for Twitter to enter the decentralised social market because of the platform’s large user base, which will eventually transfer to the protocol, according to the business.

“The really powerful thing about Twitter doing a decentralized protocol move is that if you could design a protocol that works in an ideal way, you don’t have to go through the initial effort of finding the niche to bootstrap from because Twitter will bring so many users,”– Graber told in the interview

CTO Twitter, Parag Agrawal wrote on his twitter, “The team and community that Jay will bring together can shape the future of social media through decentralization using open standards.”

He also pasted a link and told his followers to join her.

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