Twitter To Give 140 Free NFT’s Via Rarible

Twitter to give away 140 free Non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) to its users through The NFT marketplace named as Rarible.

Twitter has given away as many as 140 NFTs for free, just days after CEO Jack Dorsey auctioned off his first tweet as a special Non-Fungible Token for a humongous sum.

There were no auctions on the microblogging website and simply chose to send NFTs over ‘Rarible.’ All someone had to do was answer a set of tweets and be fortunate enough to receive a response from the Twitter team.


The social networking site recently changed its bio to ‘dropped NFTs all day.’ “What’shappening” Although it has retained the original bio, its cover picture provides an insight into the NFTs that were given.

Here are some Tweets

140 free NFTs for 140 of you, besties” Twitter wrote, while revealing seven NFT, that it would give away. This number is important because it refers to the 140 characters initially offered by the social media platform.

The man behind the mansplaining” was the first of the seven NFTs, while “Vitamin T: Take Daily for a Good Time” and “Furry Twitter- Like but don’t touch” were the second and third. The fifth one took you back to 2006, as the fourth one was the “twttr jggl,” Twitter started its year. The sixth and seventh were Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s “Building Characters” first tweet.

There were twenty editions of each of these NFTs, bringing the total to 140.But that wasn’t all; zoon users began discussing the giveaways in the most snarky tweets, and Twitter responded with equally funny retorts.

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