UFC To Tie Up A $175 Million Deal With Crypto.com

According to reports from familiars, the partnership is worth $175 million for ten years and has been the UFC’s largest sponsoring deal up to now.

Conor Mcgregor posing before a fight via wallpapersdogs.com

The UFC partnered with Crypto.com Digital currency company and is a global fight kit partner for the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This means that Crypto.com will be featured in UFC fighter uniforms and that the brand will appear during the fight between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor on Saturday 10 July this year.

The Crypto firm also posted the final thumbnail of the fighting arena on Twitter.

The patronage deal is the largest in UFC history, according to unnamed sources from major news firms.

Back in March, the UFC partnered with Draftkings in a $100 million deal. The familiar with the issue said that the UFC deal for Crypto.com is calculated to be about 175 million dollars and will last for 10 years.

UFC COO Lawrence Epstein said that cryptocurrencies are now on the company’s radar during the announcement.

He further added, “If we had talked a couple of years ago, crypto might not have been on the radar, but it’s sort of a sign of the times,” He also stated that “It’s new, but it’s moving quickly, and it’s very dynamic.”

Fans and Supporters of both UFC and Cryptocurrency shows their enthusiasm and excitement about the deal between the two.

Ariel Helwani, a TV journalist
Joe Pompliano, Founder of Huddle up

Chief executive of Crypto.com, “Kris Marszalek” also announces the deal on his Twitter handle followed by an interview with CNBC.

Not only this, but crypto.com have other partnerships also

The Crypto.com logo will appear in the 2020–2021 season on Aston Martin F1 cars. A partnership agreement has been entered into with Aston Martin, a carmaker, to sponsor the Formula 1 team of the latter. Cryptocurrencies exchange service.

Source: formula1.com

This is a sponsorship for several years on the occasion of a 61-year absence from the British automaker’s return to the F1 circuit in 2021. The financial details of the sponsorship agreement were, however, not disclosed. The deal is signed with the Crypto.com logo for Aston Martin’s F1 cars.

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