Ukraine: Seized PS4 Consoles Used For FIFA Accounts And Not For Crypto Mining

Reports showed that last week, PS4 consoles were being used for mining cryptocurrency. This is why 3,800 consoles were seized by the Ukrainian police. All these gaming units were found along with some other hardware stash. The Ukrainian authorities discovered them during their raid on a farmhouse. They accused the people there of tampering with electric meters so that they could steal power from the local grid. At that time when the initial reports were out, it was said that graphic cards, PS4 consoles, several processing units, and other hardware that were found at the farmhouse were being used for illegal crypto mining activities.

Delo is a Ukrainian business publication. According to an investigation done by it, all the seized PS4 consoles were being used for generating several content packs and coins for FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). It is a game mode in the famous FIFA football game title. In the game, it is fair for all the players to earn these FUT coins by winning the football matches. But, when the Ukrainian authorities busted them, they were reportedly generating black market variants of such in-game items and tokens. Delo says that Ukraine’s Secret Service still has to confirm or deny its findings. On the other hand, the agency is electing to keep relevant details of the ongoing investigation under wraps.

Cointelegraph’s team in the initial reports did cast doubts on whether the illegal operation was related to crypto mining or not. It said, “PlayStation 4 is not the ideal rig to mine cryptocurrency. Given its slightly outdated configuration compared to many mining rigs available today, even a 16-console PS4 setup would fail to generate meaningful returns with legal electricity usage.”

But, using such gaming hardware for mining these cryptocurrencies is not anything new. As a matter of fact, it has been linked with GPU (graphics processing unit) storage. This is for all the non-crypto mining users. An increase in the demand for GPU from the miners that came with a worldwide semiconductor shortage saw some budget PC gamers. They were not able to secure next-generation graphics cards for their gaming hardware.

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