Under Armour collaborates with Stephen Curry to create a charitable cross-platform NFT drop.

Under Armour, a clothing company located in the United States, made its Metaverse debut by announcing a non-fungible token (NFT) drop with NBA star Stephen Curry to commemorate his new record as basketball’s all-time leading three-point shooter Collaborating Under Armour has created what the brand says is the world’s first cross-platform Metaverse sneaker—a special-edition Curry Flow 9—to commemorate the Goldsmith State Warrior Guard’s record of 2,974 career three-pointers.

Under Armour and Curry resorted to Newkino, a New York City-based creative firm that just added the Metaverse to its portfolio, to convert Curry Flow 9 to NFT. To commemorate their milestone, a total of 2,974 shoes will be made available for $333 (about Rs 25,171), and the non-fungible token will unleash a rare confluence of capabilities in blockchain-based gaming.

The virtual shoe will be worn in Sandbox, Decentraland, and Rumble Kong League for NFT holders, as well as “useful” during gala games.

Instead of static photographs, Under Armour promises that the Curry Flow 9 NFT will incorporate videos of the sneaker as well as a cover that shows its accomplishment. Because Under Armour has yet to announce a physical release date for the special edition shoe, NFTs may be the only method for fans to obtain it and be a part of history.

These NFTs began life as Polygon 1155 tokens. Polygon is a blockchain that operates alongside Ethereum, and adding Polygon as a new network to an existing MetaMask wallet is pretty straightforward.

In a news release, Gala Games stated that “100% of net proceeds would be contributed to this project that gives increased access to sports for impoverished youngsters.” Access to team activities, coaching development, safe play areas, tools, and equipment.”

As competitors Nike and Adidas have lately made a major statement in the metaverse, the Curry Flow 9 is Under Armour’s first foray into what has fast become a completely new battleground.

Separately, Stephen Curry has previously experimented with NFTs, paying $180,000 (about Rs 1.36 crore) or ETH 55 for Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the most popular NFT collections in existence, earlier this year. Is. Curry has since maintained the tired ape with zombie-like features wearing a tweed suit as his Twitter profile photo.

This is where he introduced another NFT collection he launched in collaboration with crypto exchange FTX US. The collection, which includes 2,974 digital tokens, is also a play on Curry’s three-shot record. Each NFT contains one of Curry’s hundreds of three-pointers. Again, all revenues from NFT sales will be donated to charity.

What exactly is NFT?
NFTs are data packets stored in a digital network known as a blockchain. It validates that a digital asset is one-of-a-kind and hence non-transferable. Its full name is a Non-Fungible Token, which means it functions similarly to a certificate, certifying the authenticity of something, whether real or virtual.

The digital packet is saved on a network, and ownership changes are recorded in the server network. As a result, the sequence of ownership is permanently associated with the file. It’s improbable that it could be replaced with a copy.

In contrast, cryptocurrencies are Fungible, which means they can be exchanged for paper cash of the same value. NFTs, on the other hand, are distinct and cannot be interchanged.

NFTs can be any type of digital device (such as artwork, audio clips, software). However, digital art has recently received most of the attention in the technological world.

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