“Vauld” A New Crypto Startup Raises $25 M From Peter Thiel’s fund

Crypto company Vauld got financing from a Peter Thiel co-founded firm, with the ambition of becoming a bank for the crypto industry.

Series A funding for Vauld, a cryptocurrency-based financial products platform, has been provided by Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures. Participating investors included Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, CMT Digital, Gumi Cryptos, Robert Leshner, and Cadenza Capital.

Vauld co-founder and CEO, Darshan Bathija

The money will be used to boost the company’s international expansion and licencing, as well as to extend its crypto banking and investing platform for retail investors and users.

“We’ve seen great momentum with Vauld and we attribute it to both our technology as well as our customer support—that’s our strongest suit and it’s proven because when customers start using Vauld, they don’t leave,” —Darshan bhatija, CEO Vauld

AUM grew by 124.4% from 1Q21 to 2Q21, according to the business. At least 100 additional positions will be filled, and Vauld’s global expansion will be accelerated.

Using Vauld, individuals throughout the world may quickly obtain finance and develop their wealth through cryptocurrency lending and trade. Vauld said it offers a secure and accessible platform that users in more than 160 countries rely on in conjunction with Binance and BitGo.

Local newspaper and people over twitter congratulated CEO Darshan Bhatija. The newspaper written in “Malyalam” (One of India’s native language).

Co-founder of Cross Counter tv and fighting game expert Gootecks Pogchamp also praised the two for their achievement.

Andrew McCormack of Valar Ventures said that, “Valar’s focus is on transformative financial services companies. What cemented the deal is Vauld’s global positioning and ambitions and the vision Darshan and his team have for building their customers’ wealth through crypto.”

Further speaking, “We look forward to Vauld benefiting from our team’s expertise in understanding how to build a global business across emerging tech hubs in Europe, Asia, and North America.”

In total, the company has raised $27 million since its founding.

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