Visa now has partnerships with 60 Crypto platforms

The head of Crypto of Visa has revealed that the company now has partnerships with 60 Crypto platforms. Let’s find more about this.


Visa needs no introduction. Visa is the leader in providing digital payment services worldwide. The California based company has now revealed that it’s had now partnerships with 60 different Crypto platforms. This news was revealed by the Head of Crypto department of Visa, Cuy Sheffield. In an interview, he assured that Visa has a keen interest in the Crypto domain and will continue to support the crypto community in many different ways.

Sheffield revealed that the Crypto activities of Visa have grown exponentially. He also revealed that his employer, Visa has employed several hundreds of workers to constantly work on Cryptocurrencies. This number was a meagre amount in the old days.

Sheffield also revealed that Visa has increased the number of contracts by four times with crypto platforms. And as of now has a total of 60 contracts with different Crypto Platforms. Many notable companies such as FTX, Blockfi,, Coinbase, and Binance are on the list of these 60 companies.

Visa’s efforts to know their user’s wishes

The company has also observed its users’ behaviour and is keenly observing their reception of Cryptocurrencies. The initial reaction to Cryptocurrencies was sceptical, however, with some time this scepticism transformed to a firm belief in Cryptocurrencies. Now users have realised that Cryptocurrencies will certainly persist in the future.

To better understand the perspective of their user base, Visa conducted Surveys. The Survey was done at a global scale to find out the views of the average user. The data from the survey revealed quite some interesting things. Firstly, it shows that people throughout the world universally recognise Cryptocurrencies. And second, a fair number of people (almost 1/3) have used them for either a financial investment or as a medium of exchange.

Visa’s interest in NFTs

Sheffield also revealed that NFTs are a topic of interest for the company. In fact, Visa expects that NFTs will be a vital asset for retail, social media, entertainment, and e-commerce. The interest in NFT has skyrocketed in recent days and many merchants, brands, content creators and artists have shown a lot of interest in NFTs.

The organisation developed a deep er understanding of NFTs after the sale of CryptoPunk NFT for $165,000. This sale was in August 2021. The organisation got well aware of the NFT environment after this event. Consequently, Visa is now in a far better state to assist their Crypto partners to better get used to the NFT environment to capitalise on this.


The head of Crypto at Visa has revealed that the company now has partnerships with 60 Crypto platforms. He also said that Visa envisions to bridge the crypto ecosystem to the network of 80 million merchant locations and over 15,000 financial institutions all over the globe. This is among the company’s prime goals. And The company is looking forward to achieving this goal.

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