WazirX Sells 1200 Digital Collectibles In 100 Days, Includes Nucleya & Ritviz

On the platform, a total of 3,208 NFTs were created, with 1,068 sold at a fixed price and 204 sold at an auction.

NFT marketplaces selling digital artefacts across gaming, sports, music, and visual arts are gaining traction in India.

WazirX NFT, an NFT marketplace that debuted in June of this year, has already sold over 1,200 digital artefacts.

Currently in beta, the platform has minted a total of 3,208 NFTs, with 1,068 sold via fixed pricing model and 204 sold via auction model.

The auction mechanism has proven to be a gamechanger for the platform. The platform had also launched out Ritviz and Nucleya NFTs for this model.

Ritviz and Nucleya NFTs garnered revenue of Rs 5.5 lakh with the sale of their 10 NFT drops, which were totally sold out, according to Vishakha Singh, VP of WazirX NFT Marketplace.

They both pinned their NFT tweet from wazirx on their official twitter handle to showcase the NFT launch.

The marketplace will commemorate the first 1,000 sold NFTs on the platform in the secondary phase, and the makers will receive a badge for their profiles.

Entrepreneur and founder of nearbuy.com Ankur Warikoo, congratulated bith Nucleya and Ritviz to create an NFT wave in India.

Prasad Bhat, Satish Acharya, Priya Malik, Ishita Banerjee, Vimal Chandran, and Abhishek Bhaskar are among the artists whose digital collectibles are available on the platform, which has 323 creators.

According to players in the NFT industry, there are 15-20 million people in India who deal with bitcoin but don’t know how to use it.

NFTs are one option for them. In India, NFT marketplaces are primarily experimenting with digital memorabilia from sports and movies.

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