What Is Avalanche?

Smart contracts are blockchain-based program that automatically executes actions in the form of a contract or agreement. Blockchain platforms like Avalanche have been developing the Smart contracts model to solve many real-world problems. 

What Is Avalanche?

Avalanche is a programmable Smart contracts platform. It is an open platform for decentralized applications, and Avax is its native crypto token. It can support more than 4,500 tps(transaction per second). Based on Proof of Stake technology, it leads to CPU-optimal energy efficiency. 

Currently, Avax is the 11th largest crypto by market capitalization.

The platform provides the fastest smart contract uses in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. Also, it has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol. Avalanche is low-cost, blazingly fast, and green.


Let us now discuss few of the use cases of the Avalanche platform.

  • Build fast, low-cost, Solidity-compatible apps: You can launch Ethereum dapps to confirm your transactions instantly. You can process thousands of transactions per second, which is much higher than any decentralized blockchain platform today.
  • Launch customized blockchains, private & public: Users can deploy blockchains to fit their own application needs. You can even build your virtual machines to dictate how the blockchain should operate.
  • Scale to millions of validators with minimal hardware:In Avalanche, you can take, lock up, your AVAX token to help process transactions. You can further secure the platform by providing security guarantees above the 51% standard.

Meet The Team

Ava Labs founded and developed Avalanche. 2019 was the year when Dr. Emin Gun Sirer founded Avalanche. The aim behind Avalanche was to build the fastest smart contract platform to help with many real-life problems. The Ava Labs team has previously worked with Microsoft, Google, CISCO, Accenture and so many big brands!

Should You Invest?

Any crypto is worth investing in if it holds ab underlying value or asset. And Avalanche is an amazing platform that has the potential to rise in the future. Smart contracts are the future. Investing in a platform that is currently developing Smart contracts may give you the highest returns in the future.

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