What is Omicron Cryptocurrency?

With the arrival of a new covid variant, a new Cryptocurrency has taken off. This article will talk about what is Omicron Cryptocurrency and why it’s getting all the fame.

What is does Omicron means?

Omicron is the 15th alphabet in the Greek alphabet. The word Omicron means ‘little o’.

How the word ‘Omicron’ got so popular?

Scientists have used Greek alphabets in the past to name various things. This time scientists used Omicron for the nomenclature of the newest Covid variant. The scientific designation of this newer and deadly variant is B.1.1.529. The newer variant has almost double the mutations from that of the Delta variant. The Delta variant caused havoc in the summer of 2021 where countless people lost their lives.

Ever since the name was made public, a lot of people started searching for this name and this name gained popularity.

How this whole story pays for the Omicron Cryptocurrency?

This is where the tale of our new and popular Cryptocurrency ‘Omicron’ starts. Due to the recent surge in popularity of the word Omicron this Cryptocurrency gained a bit of attention that was almost unexpected.

Unfortunately, after the news of the newest variant of the SARS-CoV-2 the crypto market saw a bearish trend where most Cryptocurrencies stumbled. Along with that, regulations by countries also proved to be detrimental to the welfare of established Cryptocurrencies.

However, for Omicron Cryptocurrency it was a disaster that turned into an opportunity. It saw a massive 900 per cent plus a surge in value after the news of the newest variant breaking lose.

What is the Omicron Cryptocurrency?

Omicron is based on the popular Cryptocurrency Blockchain Ethereum. Even though the token is not as popular to be frequently traded and easily accessible, the massive gains are enough to allure investors. As of now, this coin can only be traded through the popular Decentralised Exchange or DeX SushiSwap. However, with the newfound fame, this coin is expected to be traded on more platforms.

Before the news of the newest variant, the coin was sitting just under $ 70 in value. After the news of the Omicron variant of the virus, the coin rapidly grew and surged to more than $ 700 whopping dollars!


Omicron has seen the limelight for a relatively short duration of time and it’s close to impossible to know all about it. However, as of now the creators of the coin have stayed in the darkness of anonymity. With this in mind, investing in Cryptocurrencies that are riding the tide can be very dangerous. Internet phenomenon coins have shown themselves of their capability to scam people of thousands or possibly millions of dollars.


This article discussed the newest phenomenon of the crypto world, a new coin named after a new variant of the famous Corona Virus! Hopefully, you liked this article and enjoyed reading through it. If you liked this article and want to read more about it do visit our website. If you want to know about some fun meme coins, click on this link.

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