Where Are Crypto Meme Brothers?

The ‘crypto meme brothers’ have sadly passed away. Due to COVID-19, Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff, who rose to renown as the faces of crypto memes all over the globe, have died. In December, the twins were hospitalised on the same day. The two brothers died within days of one other.

Grichka, the smaller twin, died on December 28 in the ICU, accompanied by Igor, who died on Monday. The brothers were 72 years of age when they died. The controversial celebrity scientists, who earned their doctorates by writing a series of incomprehensible and purportedly worthless physics papers, have become a popular joke on social media sites like Reddit.

What happened to the brothers of the crypto meme?

Igor Bogdanoff, a French television personality, was reportedly grieved by the news of his brother’s death, who died six days before him. Interestingly, neither of the twin boys received the COVID-19 vaccine. According to one of their acquaintances, the brothers believed that their healthy lifestyle would protect them. According to their family friend Pierre-Jean Chalencon, they arrived at the hospital too late since they initially assumed it was simply the virus.

The Bogdanoff crypto meme brothers

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff were twin TV broadcasters, scientists, and producers from France. The twin brothers spoke on topics ranging from science fiction to cosmology to popular science. The earliest of them was Temps X, also known as Time X, which aired from 1979 to 1989 and brought a number of American and British science fiction shows to the French public, including The Prisoner, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and others. On their broadcast, they had various guests, such as special guest Jean-Michel Jarre. The Bogdanoff brothers started their regular television show, Rayons X, in 2002. (X Rays). The show aired on France 2, a public television station in France. A 90-minute cosmologic show was also delivered by the duo in August 2004. Igor has a PhD in theoretical physics, whereas Grichka has a PhD in mathematics. The boys’ distinct appearance, with their ‘abnormal’ jawline and big lips, made them stick out.

In the bitcoin realm, the two became familiar faces on memes. The Bogdanoff brothers have become a meme template thanks to subreddits and Twitter sites that post crypto memes. They were turned into meme idols with a made-up character implying that the brothers controlled the cryptocurrency industry.

The Bogdanoffs’ public identities have always straddled the line between outrageous and ridiculous. Their role as co-hosts of “Temps X,” the French science fiction TV show that began their media careers in the 1970s and 1980s, was dubbed as “scientific clowns” by the New York Times. They battled (and won) plagiarism accusations over their book “God and Science” in the 1990s. They produced many scholarly essays around the turn of the century that proposed a hypothesis of what transpired both during the creation of the cosmos, which eventually became known as “the Bogdanov issue.” They were recently accused of defrauding a bipolar millionaire. Perhaps it’s no wonder that the crypto sector binds the twin mathematical scientists and movie makers together.

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